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It was nearly 9:00 am when I awoke this morning. Marilyn was already up and making things nice in the rest of the RV when I woke enough to drag my lazy self out of bed.

I sat down in my recliner and my honey handed me a cup of fresh brewed coffee. That helped get my heart started but I still felt groggy and low on energy. A second cup of coffee and a cinnamon raisin muffin toasted and spread with butter and peanut butter, and then drizzled with honey, helped to raise my spirits enough to get busy myself.

I made the bed and then dressed for the day and we were ready to drive off to the grocery store. We managed to pick up about $80 worth of groceries before heading home.

Marilyn put the groceries away while I worked on the rear hatch locking mechanism on our little Ford Fiesta. Twice we have had a dead battery but the cause remained a mystery. Now I strongly suspect that it was the bad latch because it could be opened with very little effort and when opened it turns on a light in that trunk area. I’m not sure it is fixed but several large doses of WD-40 seemed to do the trick. At least it didn’t open no matter how hard I tugged on it.

We only watched some ball games on TV this afternoon, and continued the quest to get well again. We have friends moving in at the resort next door tomorrow and it will be great to see Heinz & Irene again.

For now we will call it a day and remind you dear readers that Life is Good!

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