Check in at Alaska was a breeze...very helpful assistance

Last minute lockup

And away she goes!

Back yard at Ron's...project

Back yard at Ron's...project

Our backyard 'board' project

Boards after sealing

Wall project prior to boards

Boards going up

Completed project

Another wall view

Ron posing in front of wall...project complete

Ron's mom. now 99...what she has project that forward another 99...

Three generations

Crostini recipe

Making Crostini

Ron's Backyard and Vineyard

Visit to the Cheese Cave

Splitting a new round of parmigiano reggiano


Our days visiting Daphne and Marie sadly over, we launch into the traffic of S. CA...well, actually, Bon does, I'm just an observer trying not to be too much of a front seat driver! Left about 9 am and find ourselves on the road much longer than expected due to unexpected traffic. As usual, Bon performed magnificently arriving at Ron's about 5. He had been gracious enough to open his guest quarters a day earlier than expected but having a bit of a sore throat eliminated his plans for the evening...we stayed in and talked. This may not have been good for his throat but then both Bon and Ron have issues with talking, ha!

I'm forever amazed at Ron's stamina and energy. He and Bonnie are both like energizer bunnies...going and going and going...


Bonnie spent most of the day packing and repacking...trying to feel right about what she was taking down to TS tomorrow. Having a tent, sleeping bag, and pad added to her Dilemma!


Ron graciously offered to drive Bon to LAX...up at 5:30 am to make the check in and plane at 11!

Actually, with Google map and Gretchen, the Google Gal, we avoided much of the traffic and instead of 2+ hours to get there it only took 1 hour 45 minutes! No hitches and Bon reported via text that all went as planned...

1-30/31 & 2-1/2

Rain...went to see movie Laural & Hardy (lives well spent!), very good. I highly recommend seeing it. Walk about Claremont and stories about 'old days' and the huge changes which have turned the small town into a chic place to visit and shop. Not my idea of what tourism should become.

Had a wonderful chat with the owner of the House of Pong in his coffee/tea shop, The CK Cafe. He's a local boy who's made good thru hard work putting together a great tea selection from local sources. We then spent lots of time indoors although did begin some weeding in yard before the downpour.More CK CAFE

Catching up with this blog...eating great soup...all veggies from

Uncommon Good

Uncommon Good Store


Our project was taking the boards which were left stacked in a pile just waiting to be reused and creating a protective cover for the box extension on Ron's backyard wall. The wooden boxes were once used for hauling grapes (now they use plastic bins) and Ron rescued them and put them to their present use on his wall some 10 years ago. To preserve them and extend their life we used the sealed, repurposed boards to further protect them and extend their usefulness perhaps another 10 years.

The purchase of veggies from Uncommon Good where all the produce comes from local gardeners and farmers and is brought home in the consumer's own bag contrasts drastically with the food purchased at say, Costco, in that the packaging/production/shipping etc. is wholly different. What remains from the Uncommon Good Store is some vegetative off cuttings which go to the compost and a delicious soup meal...! I love the contrast.



RAIN...Lots of it and very good for now in S. CA although, in 2-3 months when the spring growth dries out... well, that's another thing entirely!

For now it is good and when it stopped periodically we were able to weed and weed and weed. Oh my back! The gardener's prayer, "Dear Lord, give me a hinged back!" certainly was appropriate.


Visited Ron's Mom, 99 year birthday just the week before. Ron's daughter (Julianna) came to visit grandma with her daughter (the great-granddaughter, Matilda),8 months old. Families the world over celebrate generational reunions pretty much the same way. The ties binding us and holding civilization together start with families. I believe that these types of relationships are now undergoing a huge transformation which is being accelerated by social media. We are now seeing that the concept of 'family ties' is being redefined in many Western countries. Close friendships and associations through similar activities (sport, recreation, employment, religion, etc.) and the mobility of society which often separates blood relatives is enabling, and even encouraging a concept of 'family' which often includes neighbors, long time friends, and just social interaction partners who have more in common than blood relatives. However, in most of the rest of the world the blood relatives remain the major source of commonality/community and the binding glue which holds societies and cultures together. To me these new bonds and social media are causing a major disconnect and are disrupting the transitional nature of one generation passing on traditions/culture to the next.

Again, social media...the internet, is magnifying this disconnect and preventing what would normally be a less confrontational and disruptive political environment worldwide. The 'old guard' is trying to hold onto norms which the young see as no longer relevant. The WASP class worldwide is the minority and cannot accept the reality of these changes pushing to gain control.

Add to this over population and the millions in a new 'middle class' in what used to be called 'third world' countries with a concomitant huge disparity in wealth between the vast majority and the tiny 1% who control most of the world's wealth and we see a very unstable future. This, on top of climate change, forces the question, 'Where are we as humans seeing our leadership taking us?'


FROM A BOOK “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle:

“And so religions, to a large extent, became divisive rather than unifying forces. Instead of bringing about an ending of violence and hatred through a realization of the fundamental oneness of all life, they brought more violence and hatred, more divisions between people as well as between different religions and even within the same religion. They became ideologies, belief systems people could identify with and so use them to enhance their false sense of self. Through them, they could make themselves “right” and others “wrong” and thus define their identity through their enemies, the “others,” the “nonbelievers” or “wrong believers” who not infrequently they saw themselves justified in killing. Man made “God” in his own image. The eternal, the infinite, and unnameable was reduced to a mental idol that you had to believe in and worship as “my god” or “our god.””


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