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Ziva and Rue tired of playing ball

A view from the CLAM Wednesday

Ziva enjoying the CLAM

It is an understatement to say the last three days have been down days for us. Both of us are fighting a severe head cold. It is bad because we are on separate time frames on running its course. I am about two days ahead of Sue or she may have a worse case than me. Either way we are both suffering a heck of a lot more than we want to be. It is like a summer cold on steroids. There are several cases of flu and other various types of congestion type illnesses going around. Throw in the fact we attended two concerts with about 500 or so folks on the two nights before we started our decline...oh well, draw your own conclusions.

But we have moved around a little bit. On Tuesday we stayed around the Bus taking naps from time to time and then trying to stay cool in the afternoon. I know folks at home are freezing but it was mid 70's here for the last three days. I made a trip to the store and Walgreen's on Tuesday and managed to get Ziva to the Dog Park. I have a picture of her and Rue (our neighbors dog) stretched out after playing ball for a little while. Both at various times had the blue ball that was in Ziva's mouth. After a while they both lost their enthusiasm for playing and just stretched out. Tuesday evening we ate the left overs from Monday's rice and gravy. It was so good...the second night may have been better. As like all Razorback basketball games, we finally got some relief at the end. They are wearing me out. Tuesday night was a miserable night. For the first time since we moved out of the house Sue had to come to the front of the Bus to sleep. Between the congestion (snoring) and my tossing and turning, she was getting no sleep. Wednesday was a similarly miserable day. One thing I did get done was get the CLAM back up and managed to sit in there in my zero gravity chair. It was so peaceful. I have a picture to show how it looked after I raised up...not through my toes. And a picture of Ziva enjoying being outside with me. Overcast and mid 70's and a slight breeze. Sue was getting worse and I was beginning to think I might live. At 6:30 we went next door to Bill and Lisa's for a desert get together with several other couples (all acquaintances from the DP). Lisa had a friend there so there were 15 of us sitting around a gas fire pit enjoying deserts and hearing about various parts of the US and Canada. The cold they talk about is scary...i.e. -50 degree wind chills. That is the reason we are all in Yuma for the winter. It was getting too cold for Sue by about 7:30 so we called it a night. It was a little bit better night for me but probably a worse one for Sue.

This morning I was a little better and Sue was a little worse. I took Ziva to the DP. We missed the rest of the group and she had a lonely time. After breakfast, it was time to take care of some weekly maintenance on the Bus. Then by noon I was getting dressed. Sue had made her breakfast and we both then settled down to watch television when Sue D. and Connie came by to see if Sue wanted to go shopping. We all knew she was sick when she passed on that outing. Not that there was any doubt before that. I ran to WalMart to get her some additional over the counter medicine and grab a burger about mid afternoon. When I returned I went outside and watched a little of the Phoenix Open on the outside television. When the sun got too low I moved to the CLAM and relaxed...maybe with my eyes closed. For dinner I went to Applebee's and picked up our favorite dinner and salads and we ate in. Now a little television and to bed early...I hope. Tomorrow I plan to play golf (if we both are better) on a different course than I have played before. Anyway...bedtime...

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