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After a really good night of sleep we awoke to find gray, overcast sky with a drizzle which lasted all day, growing in intensity as the day drifted by. Marilyn put the coffee on while I made up the bed, showered, and put on clean clothing.

We had nothing on our agenda and Marilyn was feeling much better so we decided to stay indoors and take it easy.

Denny & Jackie came by but didn’t come inside and it was so nice of them to leave a wonderful gift for Marilyn. They had been to Mexico and Denny found the wooden bi-plane I had wanted so he picked that up for me too.

Marilyn worked on her cross-stitch project while I worked on my book, completing several chapters. I sent the new chapters to Karen to proof read.

In the early evening I ordered a pizza by phone and then drove off to pick it up. It was delicious as usual and we enjoyed that. Marilyn has wanted pizza for several days and was happy that she could smell and taste it now.

We watched the finale of “The Vikings” on TV and then I went off to bed to read until my eyelids slammed shut. It was another good day in the valley in spite of the rain and I am sure that Life is Good!

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