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It was warm outdoors when we went to bed last night. I thought about turning the air conditioning on in the bedroom but knew that a cold front was forecast to come through so I simply used the fan sitting on the dresser.

Sure enough a cold front came through and the temperature dropped to about 50 degrees outdoors. I climbed out of bed around 4:30 AM and turned the fan off. It felt quite chilly inside so I turned the furnace on and set it to 68 degrees. It did run for a few minutes and I fell asleep again, Finally!

Marilyn was up and started a fresh pot of coffee by the time I rolled out of my slumber. We shared our coffee and a bite of breakfast and I was happy to see that Marilyn was feeling better today. She did several loads of laundry and I dried the dishes as she washed them.

With our chores finished Marilyn worked on her cross-stitch project and I worked on my new book. I was terrified when I discovered that my work which I had saved on the computer was somehow lost. I found the file but it was empty. I don’t know how that happened but I had sent each chapter to our friend Karen and she had saved them on her computer. She sent them back to me as an e-mail and after a little work I was ready to continue. Thank you Karen!!

I completed another chapter and a half before I had to stop. I sent those off to Karen and sat back to watch some TV. Life is Good!

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