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U S Parade

Parade #2

December 63

December 63 #2

Can you balance a ball on your tail??

The lazy way to play ball

Saturday started slowly until we remembered the US Parade here in the park. I was able to get a couple of shots of decorated golf carts and desert buggies that were at the tail end of the parade. Earlier carts had Sousa marches playing loudly and everyone was dressed in red, white and blue. The parade was at 11:00 and was followed by another "burger bash". We joined Rita, Alan, Mark and a few others at a table in the shade and enjoyed our cheeseburger meal. The band that was playing was trying to cover all types of music. They played some Beatles, late 50's, country and of course some music from the 60's. We stayed around two hours just eating and visiting. We found out our friend Alan used to do some martial arts sparring with Elvis.

We headed for the Bus and worked on our shopping list for a grocery store run. We started at WalMart and found about 75% of our list. We returned to the Bus and unloaded. We decided to rest for our concert at the Westwind RV Resort (where we stayed last year). We got ready and headed to pick up Mark and Sue and arrived at the Westwind and found a parking place and our seats by a little after 6:30. The concert started on time at 7:00. This is the same group we saw at last years Tiffin rally but they had changed out one of the front line performers and the entire band. The new performer was much better than the one he replaced. They were good and performed a lot of the music we wanted to hear. There were some changes in the show and it was all for the good.

After the show we went to Applebee's for a little desert and visit. We were home by 10:00 and ready for bed.

We woke up Sunday with both of us feeling a little under the weather. Sue felt achy and flu like. I had a scratchy throat and felt just a little off. We spent some time on the phone wishing Kacy a Happy 21st Birthday. Totally hard to believe. She was certainly in great spirits. We laid low until I ran to Walgreen's and Fry's. I was home by 5:45 and started the Traeger. Ziva made her trip to the park and enjoyed her 30 minute play time. Back at the Bus we had burgers and fried potatoes for dinner. Then it was take it easy time. We watched the new mystery show on Hallmark mystery channel. Then bedtime. We had a time with me stopped up and (according to Sue) snoring heavily, and Sue feeling bad. She ended up sleeping in the front part of the Bus.

So Monday started early as we were expecting Lloyd to come do our annual service on the Aqua-Hot. He arrived a few minutes after 9:00 and spent a little over an hour with us. The Aqua-Hot is humming. He left and Sue finished breakfast and I ended up taking a few hours' nap. I woke up and Sue was taking a nap in the bed. Around 2:00 we resumed the day. I took Ziva to the park where there were two other dogs that came through but I got a picture of her looking at the gate and it appears that she is balancing a ball on the end of her tail. It is just an optical delusion. The other picture of her is her lazy way to play ball. Lay on her back and dare you to try and take the ball out of her mouth.

For dinner we had our one of our favorite dinners. Steak and gravy over rice. Now stuffed and waiting until it is time to go to bed. The weather the last few days has been shorts days. Saturday was really windy and we had to take the CLAM down again due to the 25 mph winds. Sunday was warm (74,officially) and 15 mph winds. Now today was only 76 degrees, partly cloudy and minimal wind. we have found that our thermometer often shows the weather as being warmer here in the Foothills than the official temperatures. Being "under the weather" with this type of weather is worse than a summer cold. Oh well, maybe we will both be better tomorrow.

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