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Day 16. Thursday 24th January

Another flipping cold & sunny start to the day. I had another call from the wallet chap who still seemed to think I was up to something. He didn’t want to come & collect the wallet from me but preferred me to leave it at the camp office for him to collect. Again he threatened to call the police if it wasn’t at the office for him. I just handed it in to the office to get rid of it.

It’s our last day in Vegas so we decided to lash out on two more $5 bus passes & go into the old area of Vegas to the Fremont Street Experience. The old part of Vegas where they have covered on a long stretch of the street & put up, what they claim is, the biggest video screen on the world along the underside of the roof. At night it has a spectacular video display every hour but you do get a neck ache looking up at it.

The street is a show itself lined with souvenir shops, bars, casinos plus lots of homeless people & beggars. Lots of interesting things to see but we decided that it would be better at night when it was al lit up so we decided to go back to the camp for lunch with the intention of returning to Fremont Street in the evening to see it all lit up.

Back at the camp I took the opportunity to fill the propane tank up on the RV. It took five gallons at $3.95/gal, not bad for two weeks of heating & some cooking. Then it was time for an hour then of swimming & soaking in the spa before a late lunch. Apparently the wallet guy & his mum called & collected the wallet while we were out. The office girl said that his mum was most peculiar about it & he did ask the girl to thank us.

We headed back to Fremont Street once it got dark & it was all lit up & thronging with people. Lots of busker acts performing along the street entertaining people. Several pairs of scantily clad showgirls trying to get men to have their photos taken with them, for a price. We stopped off in one of the casinos to have a prime steak meal at a Tony Roma’s restaurant. Very nice indeed.

We wandered around a bit more & watched a couple of acts at a two of the stands set up along the street. We then hoped a bus for a final ride down the “Strip” to see al the lights along the way before hopping on another bus to head East back to the camp for our last night’s sleep.

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