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Day 15. Wednesday 23rd January

The night was cold again but the sun was shining & the morning warmed nicely. The first thing I had to do was sort out the problem of getting cash from the ATMs as we were getting a bit low. Fortunately I had a debit card for our American account with me & after a call to our old bank in Florida I was able to get it activated for cash withdrawals so we should be alright, fingers crossed.

Our 24hr bus passes were still valid up to 2.10pm so we thought that we would do a bus tour of LV to get our monies worth. We took the bus from outside the camp right into Downtown L V, well to the North engorging the city. From there we took another bus that took us right down to the South along a lot the “Strip” so we got to see all the big casinos like Bellagios, Caesars Palace, The Venetian, the Tropicana etc.

We went all the way down past the busy airport & then returned back up the same route to the Flamingo Road area to get off & walk around a bit & also to test out our debit card. To our relief the ATM coughed up the $200 maximum for the day so we could relax a bit now.

Back on the bus at midday to beat the 2.10pm end time & head back West to the camp. As we were getting off one bus to head North up to the camp I spotted a scruffy wallet on the seat nearby so I grabbed it as we passed. While we were waiting for the bus North I checked out the wallet which contained a few tickets, a couple of credit cards & a Social Security card plus $25 cash. So somebody was going to be upset to lose that.

I had the name of the guy on the Social Security card so after returning to the camp & trying to trace him on the internet I did call the bus companies lost property office & he had called in looking for it. Surprisingly enough they did give me his telephone number & I called him late in the afternoon. I got a really weird response from the guy. He practically accused me of trying to steal the wallet despite all the effort I was making to get the wallet back to him. He said he was at work & would call me again in the morning & said he would call the police if I didn’t return the wallet. What on earth he thought I was trying to do I just don’t know.

We ended the day by heading down to a nearby casino that was offering two for one buffet dinners. We even got ten percent discount as well by taking out membership cards. So the two of us ate too much really for just over $13, not bad. Apart from the dinner we didn’t use any of the other casino facilities as we avoided the slot machines & other gambling games.

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