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Day 14. Tuesday 22nd January

Last night was cold, down to freezing almost. We can’t have the heater in the RV on during the night as the fan is too noisy so things got pretty cold, we need another duvet or a small electric fire.

We decided to have an early lunch & then have a look at the “Strip” where all the L V action is. We were here before in 2008 on our caravan trip so it would be interesting to see if things have changed much. We bought 24hr bus tickets for $5 each & took the bus in from close a stop not far from the site. Glad we didn’t try to walk in as it took the bus over half an hour as it was.

Then we spent a few hours wandering up & down the “Strip” looking at some of the amazing buildings that have gone up. Very glitzy but somewhat tawdry in daylight, it’s better at night when you can’t see some of the less desirable elements. We are having a bit of a problem trying to draw cash on our credit card as the ATMs keep asking for a PIN number or a Zip code, neither of which we have so we have to find another way to get the cash. We haven’t had a problem using the card in Walmart thank goodness. I need to talk with our bank tomorrow to see if they can help us.

We’d had enough by 5pm so headed for the nearest bus stop & made our way back to the camp site for a spagbol dinner. After dinner we headed for the club house as they had a singer/guitarist billed to play between 7 & 9pm. We weren’t really surprised to find that there was only one other man there as none of the facilities seem to be able to get people using them.

The best of it was that the guy singing & playing the guitar was stone deaf, quite amazing. He had a laptop computer connected up to a big TV on the wall & the words of the songs came up there karaoke style. He had song sheets with a thousand songs, mainly oldies & country, that we picked from & then he played them. He was literally stone deaf but he could lip read us & he said that he could feel the music as he played. I have to say his singing was not all that good but he couldn’t hear it anyway & at least he couldn’t hear me or Viv when we tried singing along.

The other man there had brought along a little case with about twenty mouthorgans in it & he joined in on some of the songs. It turned out to be a very enjoyable couple of hours with just the four of us, a bit weird but fun.

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