The Noels in SA and Namibia 2018 travel blog

Owl at 5 am

Safari vehicle

Baby Hyena playing in mud puddle after a rain

Babbbbyyyy Etosha Zebra

Etosha Ostrich trying to cool off

Giraffes at the waterhole

Really great photo!

Spotted Hyena. Hyenas can drive off larger predators from their kill.

We were told the guides had never seen anything like this ......

Hyena skinny dipping party




Etosha waterhole

Male Kudu at Etosha waterhole

A herd of Oryx (Gemsbok)

Groups of animals would come and go at the waterhole

Grey Herons at the Etosha Waterhole

Gee is that a mole at the waterhole?

Very, very, young antelope

Dwarf chameleon

Male antelope

Many giraffe at the waterhole

Jackals at the waterhole

The birds at the waterhole were incredible

Beautiful, beautiful sunset at the waterhole


African Meadowlark


Bateleur eagle

Young Leopard being taught to hunt by his mother, taking down a...

Leopard kills with one swift bite to the neck

OMG that is blood on his chest, geez

I was surprised to learn Leopards are classified as vulnerable list on...

The young Leopard hid under a bush, waiting for the springbok to...

Although this was an amazing Leopard shot, I was freaked out, he...

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Etosha - Elephant at waterhole

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Animals at the waterhole

Today's itinerary

Embark on two open vehicle safari drives today: one in the early morning to see the sunrise and another in the afternoon. Both drives will be led by a local guide from the national park. There is abundant wildlife that congregate around the waterholes, so keep your cameras at the ready for elephants, lions, endangered black rhinos, and even leopards. Over lunch, you have time to relax at the lodge, take a swim, or sit back and watch the animals as the come to the waterhole. After the vast desert, Etosha National Park, offers a contrast of wide open grasslands, a massive salt pan that covers 4731kmĀ² and tall camel thorn trees intermixed with Mopani trees. With a combination of natural waterholes, and diverse vegetation, wildlife flock to the park. Some of the largest elephants in Africa can be found in areas of thicker vegetation, as well as leopard and the critically endangered black rhino. Lions, giraffe, ostrich and many antelope species can be found in the grasslands, while birders will love the salt pans which attract flamingos in the rainy season. More than 340 bird species have been counted in Etosha National Park including the European bee-eater, the kori bustard and numerous migratory birds. Set off in an open 4x4 safari vehicle with a naturalist guide in search of the stunning wildlife in the park. Wildlife often come to the many watering holes to drink, so keep your eyes peeled for many animals on the move.

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