The Noels in SA and Namibia 2018 travel blog

Skeleton, it's real but I think it is a seal ...

Sunken ship off Skeleton coast

Wild horses, apparently a very rare sight

Twyfelfontein is Namibia's first UNESCO World Heritage Site

Essential knowledge to interpreting the carvings

rock carvings ... possible 10000 years old ... of giraffes wow! Giraffes...

Ancient 10000 year old carvings

Lion plate with Lion Man

Geez ... our tent is way out there? what happens if a...

Glamping at Palmwag Lodge

Some of the tents higher up from us.

Sunset at Palmwag Lodge

Today's itinerary

Continue on to Twyfelfontein where we visit the ancient petroglyphs which were named Namibia's first UNESCO World Heritage Site. The site is thought to hold the largest concentrations of Bushman engravings in Africa, with over 2500 figures, ranging from 2000-5000 years old. Finish the day on the Palmwag Concession, in northwest Damaraland.Prehistoric Rock Engravings Guided Tour Twyfelfontein - Step back in time to see prehistoric rock engravings made during the early Stone Age. Their exact origin is uncertain, but these works depicting animals and hunters are probably the work of Bushmen or Nama artists estimated to have lived near Twyfelfontein at least 5,000 years ago. Marvel at the more than 2,500 rock carvings and paintings and understand why this is Namibia's first UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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