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At Windhoek Hosea Kutako International Airport

Fly to Windhoek and transfer to the hotel. Free time to explore Windhoek in the afternoon and then meet your CEO and the rest of the group in the evening. You may be a seasoned pro at group travel by now, but there will likely be some new travellers joining the group. Sit in on the welcome meeting to meet the newest members of your group and learn about the next leg of your tour.

ByBye Jo'Burg and South Africa

We were up at 5 a.m. getting. It was a big ready travel day. Remind me next time we go on a trip that less packing is better. I honestly feel in most cases I pack too much and spend too much time organizing my luggage. Soukie had breakfast ready for us at 730 and by 830 we were off to the airport. Along the way Elaine told us that carjackings are not that frequent anymore. Nowadays people get stalked so to speak. At the airport, 5 of our group left for other places - 2 for Cape town and 3 for Zimbabwe. Customs was really disorganized. We were re-directed into a line up 10 deep when we were next up in our current line up (not impressed). The we were re-directed into a line up 4 people deep (really not impressed). Then we were re-directed into our original lineup (really, really to impressed). We felt we were mistaken for white South Africans during one of these shuffles and then got moved back. Insane. Or was it a game? We were all holding blue Canadian passports ... Our wait at the airport would be long. We were leaving at 1220. The shops at the airport were amazing and there were a lot of high end shops. Apparently this is the post to buy diamonds. Vivian, Lester and David were headed to Zimbabwe and landed up delayed. Eventually they got our plane and we ended up on a British Airways flight and we got delayed. Chaos. To pass the time we enjoyed milkshakes and they seemed forever to be prepared. Oh well, this is Africa. I am very gob smacked that planes can be moved around like this. For example, what if we got moved to a Boeing Max 8 and we didn't want to be on a Max 8. Geez! Eventually we boarded the plane. The plane had a incredible paint job - brilliant lime green with cartoon like labels of where parts of the plane are. Before take-off our cabin was sprayed. The stewardess literally had a can sprayer much like a roundup sprayer and sprayed upwards throughout the cabin ...INTERESTING! I should have asked what was going on! Lunch on the plane included free alcohol which was awesome. After some of the chaos a glass of wine with lunch hit the spot.

Hello Namibia

We arrived at Hosea Kutako International airport in Windhoek. Well not really since Windhoek is 45 km away.

It seemed pretty hot here. The line up at customs was rough. I think we were the last to deplane and so our que was long. The customs agents were cranky and would not allow the three of together. Eventually Rick landed up at another agent with mom and explained that she needed assistance. Miraculously we got through Customs and waited for our Dion, our new guide. Dion is Elaine's husband. Dion found us based on the photo Elaine sent him. He collected us and headed for the vehicle which ended up being another disaster - our vehicle was not large enough for our group and luggage. Eventually the gentlemen and luggage headed off in one vehicle and the ladies headed off in another. One lady insisted she was with our group and she wasn't. Dion had a hard time with her and had to get her sorted out with her group which was an entirely different tour company. All I can say is there must be a full moon or something today. Lots of weird chaos and getting sprayed like we were dandelions ...or maybe virus??? Eventually we arrived at the Windhoek Country Club Resort which was high end. We did some laundry and Rick hung it on the balcony to dry until we remembered Dion warning us about the baboons. We don't need baboon problems wearing our undies and such. We promptly moved our laundry line into the room. Gee - it was Christmas eve. We decided to try the Chinese restaurant for dinner. The 5 of us joined Peter and Jane, our travel companions from the UK. The food was good but the service was insanely poor. Well I guess being Christmas eve we were lucky to get service at all. We hit the hay. We are far away from home and I hope Santa finds us ...

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