The Noels in SA and Namibia 2018 travel blog

Sunrise at Chisomo

Chisomo camp at dawn

Early rise for our friends under our tent

One of our first finds of the day; a sleeping male Lion


up close Warthogs

Cheetah coalition of 3 brothers, we finally found them after a very...

Each brother has a role, this guys must be the guard.

Cheetah up close and personal

Today's itinerary

After one last wildlife safari drive, head back to the city. In the evening, enjoy dinner at our local guest house.

Jump into a safari 4x4 and keep your eyes open for fantastic wildlife encounters. Wildlife safari drives are conducted with qualified wildlife rangers and Shangaan trackers; both will share their vast experience of the African bush.

Christmas Eve Eve

We beat our wake up call today by half an hour and were up at 430. We finished our packing and got ready for our early morning safari leaving at 5:30. It had rained last night and it was hard to find animals. We found the usual ... giraffe, elephant, warthogs, kudu and impala. We found a lion having a sandy sleep on the dried out river bed. He was pretty hard to see but you could make out his dark mane. Thankfully we saw NO pythons choking out another baby animal! We tried crazy mini sour plums off a tree and apparently our other group got to see and touch a millipede (Ewwweee). We were on a mission to find cheetahs and after 4 hours and a coffee break we found the three cheetah brothers rather deep in the brush. We drank in the sight of these three in the wild and learned Karongwe portfolio was in the process of bringing a young female to the reserve. In the end we were late for breakfast but I'm sure if any of us had to give up breakfast for the sight of those cheetahs we would have. Everyone did a great job despite us being delayed and we were ready for the bus at 10. Big five check, magnificent 7 check, ugly 5 check, check, check, check. We headed off for Soukie's outside of Jo'burg and arrived around 6 p.m. It was another long day of driving. We did some laundry in our room and organized the tips. The tips turned into a interesting disaster. All I can say is never again with the group tip. Others in our group were very cheap and got to hide behind not tipping at all due to a group tipping envelope. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Never again! On the flipped, dinner was lovely! Soukie put on a Christmas dinner with Christmas crackers. Dinner included Chicken Cordon Blue with lemon meringue pie for desert. We headed for bed shortly after desert. It was our last night in South Africa since we were off to Namibia tomorrow.

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