The Noels in SA and Namibia 2018 travel blog

On the road again (-:

Josie ready to Safari, she looks really serious!

Sobering and heartbreaking start to the day; young Python strangling a baby...

Two Rhinos sleeping in


Yikes! there is a Rhino in my selfie

close up of White Rhino, horns are cut off for conservation of...

White Rhino (real name is "Wide" mouth rhino)


Rhino disagreement

close up of the disagreement, initially it seemed like they were dancing,...

Rangers identify the Rhino from ear characteristics

Warthog, could this be Poomba from the Lion King?

This lion walked over to the other jeep in our group and...

Here he is chilling.Meanwhile us humans had no idea what was coming...

Stunning Lion photo, our other group was able to take this photo

Lion, wait is he posing?

Kitty cat! Dangerous kitty cat!

Young male Lion starting to get his mane

Man! Giraffes can hide in those trees!

Zebra up close

Giraffe up close

Giraffe up close

Giraffe up close

Great shot of the "M" on the Impala's bum

Male Water Buck

Wait ... Is this Elephant posing for us!

Elephant enjoying bark - amazing shot!

Elephant ... very close!

Female and baby Impalas

Enjoying our evening cocktail on safari

Hippo duel. Yikes!

Python?? OMG! Rick spotted this when he was wandering around during our...

Poomba is that you???

God forsaken bitter fruit our ranger had us try,,,very sour!

Our tracker chops away at a bush obstructing our way

Whaaat??? That is not a 5th leg ...

Sunset at Karongwe

Braii at Karongwe

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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Python trouble

(MP4 - 12.43 MB)

White Rhino video

(MP4 - 11.79 MB)

Rhino two step

(MP4 - 3.33 MB)

Rhino two step part deux

(MP4 - 4.24 MB)

Lion video

Today's itinerary

Enjoy early morning and afternoon safari drives with our local guides, searching for buffaloes, elephants, leopards, lions, and rhinos – Africa's famed Big Five. In our down time, relax at the camp, take a walk around the grounds, or enjoy a cool drink on the deck. Wake up before the sun (around 5am) and sip your morning coffee before heading out on a morning wildlife safari drive. Return to the lodge for brunch and some leisure time. Converse on the deck, walk the grounds and gardens, and enjoy high tea. Following tea, it's time for a late afternoon safari drive. After spotting tons of wildlife, it’s time to return to camp and freshen up before dinner. Wildlife safari drives are conducted with qualified wildlife rangers and Shangaan trackers; both will share their vast experience of the African bush.

Kaongwe Safari

We woke up at 5 a.m. for our early morning safari. After coffee and rusk we headed off at 5:30 a.m. Our first sighting was simply awful. A young python was finishing off his choke hold on a baby impala. We were alerted to this sight because of the mother impala who was inconsolable and crying out. She refused to leave her young one behind. There were no other impalas in sight. Our guide was shocked the male impala was no where to be seen. It was postulated the male impala realized it was too late to save the baby. We stopped for what seemed an eternity watching this terrible part of nature. The python was wrapped around the baby impala which was no longer breathing. Elaine explained the python probably accidentally came across the baby impala in the night as it slithered on the ground. It was a horrific sight and made a huge impact on us. We will never forget what we saw. The saddest thing for me was the female impala who was inconsolable. Our safari for the morning included sightings of giraffes, hippos, an elephant knocking down a tree and 2 Rhino having a sleep in all snuggled unto each other. We also saw cape buffalo and lots of baboon. We returned to the Lodge after our morning safari, had lunch and a rest. Well I rested and Rick ventured off to discover fighting hippos, weavers building nests and rotting carrion. After my rest he took me out on his mini safari around the compound to see hippos, weavers and rotting carrion. The carrion was disgusting! What a smell!!! Our afternoon safari kicked off with afternoon tea before we headed off. There was always a sign in the lobby advising what was on the menu for afternoon tea. I loved it! Our sightings in the afternoon included lions, 3 rhinos, but no cheetah. It was extremely hot today. We had our typical safari picnic with snacks (samosa at one point) and drinks. We returned to the lodge and enjoyed a wonderful braii in the courtyard complete with a bonfire. After dinner we headed off to bed where there was no air conditioner and it was a hot night. After reducing the tent to a mass of screens for the breeze to go through we headed off to bed. Our laundry dried in record time that night since it was so darn hot.

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