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Main Street in Los Algodones

Resting Area in downtown Los Algodones

Restaurant for a quick coke

Looks to me like the fence works

Vendors in the street hawking to those in line

Note the lines and the fence

Desparado - Eagles tribute band prepping

Mark and Sue after the concert

A lot to talk about, as the title suggests. Yesterday was a trip to Mexico. Los Algodones, Baja California, Mexico to be exact. A small town of about 5,500. Amazing little town that appears to exist to cater to tourists from Yuma. It features eye glass dispensaries, dentist and pharmacies all about. Alan, one of our friends, estimates there may be 500 dentists in the small community. A large portion are U S trained and practice there with less insurance costs and the FDA not looking over their soldiers...and they do not have to deal with US government paperwork. Prices appear to be considerably less than US prices. Like 75 - 90% less to be exact. We arrived around 9:00 a.m., AZ time. You enter directly into Mexico with no presence of customs, Passport check...only a couple of soldiers with automatic weapons. Works for me. Then into town and immediately greeted by everyone you meet, asking if you need eyeglasses or dental work or drugs or...

One of our group was headed to get a haircut. She uses the same hairdresser every time she is in Yuma. We headed for an eyeglasses dispensary. Sue was looking for a type of bifocals to use when working at her computer. The first place wanted $ 120. We left. We then went across the street to a shop behind a merchant on the sidewalk. After looking at frames and describing the type of lens she wanted we got a price of $ 50. WooHoo ! ! A sale. A doctor was called to measure the lens and fit the glasses. He arrived in a few minutes. We later learned that this particular company has seven locations around town and four doctors. They radio out they need a doctor and the one closest that is available shows up. The doctor was pleasant and appeared to be knowledgeable and by 9:40 we had the order placed and the glasses were promised in two hours. $ 50 and the clock was running.

Well in the meantime we became separated from the two couples that had been there many times. We were with another couple from Beaumont, Texas that rode with Mark and Sue and we had come with Alan and Rita. We decided to hang together so as to not lose any more of our group. She was on a mission to find Louis Vitton knockoff's for her daughters and daughter in law. She managed to find three purses and two wallets in a short time. The girl who took Sue's glasses order walked us across the street to a friend that had knock off's. Imagine that. We spent the entire two hours roaming the streets lookin at a thousand blankets, capes, leather belts, sunglasses, tee shirts and who knows what else. We arrived back to pick up the glasses and they were not back yet. Since we were about 15 minutes early they pulled chairs around so we could sit and visit. When the glasses arrived, right on time, they needed to be adjusted. They called another doctor and he was there in five minutes. After a little attempt to be funny and see if we wanted to tip him, he adjusted Sue's glasses and we were on our way. Two hours and we had not seen the other four. We decided to sit under the canopy on the main street and watch all the corners. After about 15 minutes, I saw Alan on an adjacent corner looking for us. I got his attention and we all followed him to one of the many restaurants close by and joined all of the others. Many apologies for losing us and not having plans for reassembly, and a Coke, and we were ready to go back to the US.

Well, the line was starting to form. We went to the end of the line...about 300 yards from the front. 12:40 and we were counting the time. The pictures show the line, the fence, the vendors in the street trying to sell water, snacks, etc..Now I mean the vendors were set up on the middle line in the active street...Unbelievable. Finally through the facility and out at 1:45. Then the 15 minute ride back to Yuma and a quick lunch. In my opinion, I think the fence should work. Ten feet or so high with concertina wire on both sides and more on the ground on the other side. It sure would be a deterrent to me.

After lunch it was time to visit the Doggy Park with Ziva. About 4:00 p.m. Sue D. rode her bicycle down to visit with us. She left about 4:45 to see if Mark wanted to play cards. He did and we met them at the card room about 5:10 and played until about 7:30. Then it was back to take Ziva to the DP. She did not like being there in the dark and with no other dogs. Anyway we got back to the Bus around 8:00. Sue whipped up some French Onion soup. It made for a very satisfying late dinner. Then soon after both of us went to sleep in our chairs watching television until around midnight. Then awake, we headed for bed. I was asleep soon and Sue was up until 3:30. For that reason it was easy to stay in bed until 8:30.

This morning Ziva and I went to the DP and back in time for breakfast. Then we moved really slow. While I was at the DP I could hear something flying in from the north. Once I found it...it was a Marine Osprey. These are fascinating machines with the engines on the end of the wings with huge propellers and the engines will rotate from a 90 degree position to a truly vertical position changing the plane into a helicopter type operation. Truly impressive. After breakfast I heard another loud sound and made it to the door of the Bus in time to see two more Osprey fly by on their way to the Marine Air Station, four miles down the road from our location.

The rest of the day was leisurely to say the least. We had tickets to see Desparado, an Eagles tribute band. They are highly touted to be the best Eagles tribute band. Since we were never Eagles fans we did not recognize much of the music. Our friends that had been Eagles fans said they were pretty good, so enough said. Some of the other old farts in there were unbelievable. Enough said on that...Afterwards, I got a picture of Mark and Sue sitting by the fountain. Tomorrow night we go to the Westwind Resort to see a tribute show for the Four Seasons. We have seen several of those and we really enjoy the music, so we are looking forward to that one.

Now, we are looking to get to bed before we go to sleep watching television again.

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