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We didn’t have to rush in the morning, had our complementary breakfast and then headed for the airport. Everything went good and then we just had to hurry up and wait. Ran into Craig and Krista Dutka and kids. They were heading to Minneapolis so that Craig could go to a vintage snowmobile rally. It wasn’t a long flight to Calgary and only an hour before next plane left so not much waiting here. We had four hourthere and it was nice we got to have something to eat and not have to rush around a huge airport. They picked me for a customs screening of my checked bag. I was prepared with my keys to unlock so they could look through my bag that was s very neat assortment of travel cubes. After waiting 20 mins I got. Up to a counter and he asked me how long I was going to be in Hawaii and with who. That was it they didn’t even look in my bag. But at least we saw pictures of our bags so they made it this far. The flight to Oahu did seem to take forever but we got our complementary coffe or pop and choice of cookies or pretzels. We were seated closer to the front so got off early, our flight was 1/2 hour early and the first thing we see is a little guy holding up our names so our shuttle was there. Got ou. Suitcases and we were gone. The hotel room is renovated but not very big, but what makes up for it is quite a large lanai. It was 22c at 2:30 sk time when we were sitting out there.

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