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City of Hualien

City of Hualien

Pacific Ocean's West Side in Asia

Blooming orchid with roots exposed

Dinner at night market

After I finished breakfast and packing my luggage at 8:00am, Mr. Lin was not up yet. I decided not to waste my time to wait but to walk to a local beach front park. I wanted to see the west side of the Pacific Ocean. Got to the park within 15 minutes’ walk. It is a very nice park with bike and pedestrian paths. Walked along the bike path. It veered off the beach along a river. The most abundant birds were Common Myna and Styan’s Bulbul. No shorebirds at all except a few Common Sandpipers. Noticed a few water buffalos were feeding on the river bank. There are Cattle Egrets but today it was not them who followed the Buffalos. It was a flock of Common Myna birds. They were taking the opportunity to feed on the insects stirred up by the buffalos. When I was watching them, suddenly a male Ring-necked Pheasant ran out of the tall grass stirred by the buffalos. I saw this species in the United States who was released many years ago for hunting. But in Taiwan it is wild. Therefore, I got to see all three kinds of Pheasants in Taiwan: Mikado, Swainhoe’s and Ring-necked. Near the beach two kinds of Munia were feeding on the grass seeds: Scaly-breasted and Chestnut. I took a rest at a bench. Listening to the wave I thought about my journey of life across the Pacific Ocean and the people I met on the way. It was time to head back at 12:00pm.

On my way back, I stopped at a nursery. It offers many kinds of orchids. I noticed some orchids that were in full bloom but with their roots just hanging outside without been planted into soil. The owner told me it is OK, just watering them at least twice a week. Mr. Lin was not home but Mrs. Lin was working at the Salon. She called a taxi for me. I got to the train station at 1:15pm and waited for my 2:00pm train. The train in Taiwan was on time to the minute. After 2.5 hours train ride it arrived Taipei station. After 1 stop by MRT I arrived Ximen station. My host Sally came and checked me in to another apartment nearby they own. After finish washing my laundry I went out for dinner. At a small restaurant I tried Goose and squid soup. They were excellent. Stopped at a souvenir shop to buy some Taiwan specialties for my family and relatives: pineapple cookies, mochi and sesame seaweed.

My plane takes off at about 8:00pm tomorrow. I will have enough time to visit Dansui where the Spanish built it in 1628 and Dutch rebuilt it in 1646 after defeated the Spanish. In 1863 the British rented it from Qing Dynasty until 1942.

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