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First thing I want to cover is the wind. I know I have referenced the song Mariah but the more time I spend in the west, the more I understand the song. Tuesday was a Mariah day. To say the wind blew would be at best, a mild understatement. Weather.com was reporting the wind having steady winds of 30+ mph. Gusts were supposed to be up to 50 mph. All day it blew and did not get below 20 mph until after dark yesterday. Most of the day was spent sitting inside just watching the palms wave and wondering why the fronds did not blow completely off.

The wind did not stop the regular visits to the Dog Park with Ziva. The last time she was there with eight other dogs. She had a great time. We ended up grilling burgers just after dark. They hit the spot. We spent the rest of the evening watching movies we could access on our Kendle Fire stick. Due to the wind, we had stowed the satellite dish to get it out of the wind. Since the wind was from the north and the satellite is facing almost due south, it had total exposure to the wind with the backside of the dish. We finally put the dish back up around 9 PM. Then to bed at a reasonable hour since our goal was to be up early for our trip to Quartzsite.

And up early we were. 6:00 AM to be exact. Everything worked as it should. Even Ziva cooperated at the DP and we were out of there on schedule. We took her with us as we went to Quartzsite. It was 47 degrees when we left Yuma at 7:30. When we arrived at Quartzsite at 9:00 the temperature was up to 41 degrees there, from an overnight low of 36. We dropped off the tow bar at the Blue Ox tent for its annual service. We then spent about 2 plus hours roaming the tent and talking with vendors. We managed to spend a little money on several things we wanted or needed. We had lunch and walked the tent area for a little longer. Around 12:30 I went back to Blue Ox and our tow bar was completed. WooHoo!! We also picked up a tow bar for one of our fellow residents here at the Palms.

Then it was back to Yuma. It was a really easy 80 mile drive and we were back in the Bus by 2:15. I was able to get the tow bar and the bike rack re-installed on the Bus and the bikes attached to the Bus and their covers installed. Then it was inside where over the next hour and a half, all three of us managed to take a nap. By 5:30 we were down at the Dog Park. Ziva was met by all 6 dogs in the DP and the running began. We spent a little over 30 minutes letting her socialize. She is a different dog since the time we arrived on the 20th of December.

Once back at the Bus we decided to try Penny's Diner. We had passed it several times going to Cracker Barrel and knew exactly where to go. It is a traditional diner. Long and narrow with the kitchen area totally exposed to the entire dining area. We decided on the chicken fried steak. When it arrived we were more than pleasantly surprised. It was excellent and we have put Penny's on our NEED TO RETURN list. Then by JoAnn's for Sue to look for a few items and back to the Bus.

We are both tired and heading for bed soon. We watched the Razorbacks pull out a victory over Missouri and are now shaking our heads on how did that happen. Oh Well !! Tomorrow we leave early with our friends from Memphis to go to Mexico. We only hope that the borders do not close until we get back. More on that tomorrow ...

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