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In addition to the Christmas Markets, our short return to Madrid enabled us to revisit the Reina Sophia gallery to use the pass we’d purchased and then didn’t need for “free” admission day. Then I learned there was a set of props from the Harry Potter book series placed about town. Of course, this determined the route of that day’s strolling.

The first find enabled me to joke on FaceBook about taking “a quick side trip from Atocha train station to my old alma mater, where I learned everything I needed to know about gardening in botany class”. In my imagination, anyway.

According to the wizarding world of J.K. Rowling, the train from Madrid’s Platform 9 3/4 would have deposited me at Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, one of the 11 schools the author has identified. I suppose so because one website described the school as “located somewhere in the Pyrenees, this school caters to the French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Luxembourgian and Belgian students”. Source:

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