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Marilyn & I had been invited to join friends for a day in Mexico today. However, a phone call from Mike advised us that they had to cancel due to an important change in plans.

Our friends from across the tracks decided to join with us and make the day happen with just the four of us. Denny & Jackie climbed in with us and we headed east, talking and laughing all the way.

As is normal, the first stop was at Poncho’s Bar where we listened to the live music and enjoyed an excellent margarita. After some time at Poncho’s we walked south and crossed the street. I stopped to look at a wooden model of a bi-plane. The vendor had only one and asked $14 but I declined, deciding that I would offer $10 when we returned.

We allowed the ladies to select the restaurant and they chose Chuey’s Red Snapper where we listened to more live music and enjoyed a tasty lunch. We had some sad news though when I asked about one of our favorite waiters, a nice young man named Miguel. The manager of the restaurant came to our table and speaking quietly, he told us that Miguel had passed away a few days ago. He was only 43 years old but had a heart attack. That was sad to hear.

We looked for the guy with the airplane when we walked back toward the border but didn’t find him. Maybe the next time.

It was another beautiful day today but the wind blew hard all day. Our friends sat outdoors with us once we returned home. It was another fine day in the Valley and we are convinced that Life is Good!

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