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Rock Club Christmas Party

Rock Club Christmas Party

Christmas Pageant Ushers

Christmas Pageant

Christmas Pageant

Christmas Pageant

Setting up for Christmas Dinner

New Years Eve at the Rodizio Grill

1st Responders in our park - Don was busy so he missed...

Pegs and Jokers & Whist players

Monthly Craft Sale

Working in the kitchen

Lynn & Shelly at the Canadian Potluck

Canadian Potluck

Canadian Potluck - always food involved

Canadian Potluck

Golden Age Olympics - golf prize for 3rd place

My new oven - so I've been practicing with it!

Happy New Year!

I meant to get to this before now but something always seemed to get in the way.

I will start with the sad news. Marc Delage who is the son of Maurice the owner of the farm where Don & I work in the summer became sick late last year with a rare blood disorder and we were notified on Friday that he passed away that morning in Edmonton where he had been getting treatment. Our hearts and prayers go out to the family, so sad.

So since my last blog, we have celebrated Christmas and New Years.

On Dec 18th we had the Rock Club Christmas Party with lots of good food, gifts and fellowship. Every year they collect stuffed animals which are then delivered to the Mission Hospital for the kids and other patients.

On Dec 23 we went to the Christmas Sing-a-long and enjoyed sing Christmas Carols (of course food was involved and everyone brought a snack to sample).

On Christmas Eve we attended the park’s annual Christmas Pageant where Don was once again and usher. After that we went to Paul & Lynn’s where we enjoyed the rest of the evening with other friends and neighbors.

On Christmas Day we were at the hall for the Christmas dinner where the park supplies the turkeys and ham and everyone brings something. I was asked to cook 2 turkeys which I did the day before up in the hall kitchen. I also made gravy and cooked potatoes for another friend who didn’t have much room for that. Then I also made dessert. There were about 90 people in our group but there were 5 groups so it was about 300-350 people. Very enjoyable and then at 6:00pm we did it again with the leftovers which was followed by cards.

On New Year’s Eve we went again to the Rodizio Grill for dinner with Paul & Lynn Ward and Harold & Joann Lingel where we had another fantastic meal. We then spent the rest of the evening playing Sequence until midnight.

On January 2nd we headed to Mexico again so Shelly could get her achy tooth checked out. So the diagnosis was another root canal, post and crown which was done on Jan 9th so now just waiting until Feb 6th for the permanent crown and $580 later everything should be good again!

On January 20th the Canadian Get-together was held with around 60 people attending. There are getting to be fewer Canadians due to illness and the Canadian dollar.

Yesterday Shelly golfed in the Golden Age Olympics put on by the City of McAllen. Our team came in 3rd out of 23 teams which we thought was okay. We were only 2 points higher than 1st place. They had to have one woman on each team. It was a fun day. We won a towel and golf balls and a medal.

So that is the highlights, Don has also been busy with his rocks, making clocks and jewelry. He also golfs 3-4 times a week, is a 1st responder for the park and makes pancakes on the first Monday of the month (January there were about 140 people). Shelly has been cooking, golfing and a little quilting. Then of course there is always cards in the evenings. We also brought the carpet cleaner down this year and so far the spare bedroom and the living room have been done. Only 2 ½ months left to get the rest done!

So that’s it for now, take care till next time.

Don & Shelly

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