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Thursdays sunset...

A catchup posting since I was too tired and sleepy to post last evening. So instead of a two day posting you are going to get to read three. Hopefully you will not go to sleep before you read all three.

Thursday was one of those days where there was no real plan to accomplish anything...so we tried our best to succeed. Other than Ziva's early outing nothing really happened until I left to go pick up my cleaning and grab lunch out. I traveled around a little trying to figure out where things are and what streets lead in what directions. Anyway I made it back to the Park. Again other than the last trip of the day to the Dog Park, little happened until we went to eat. One of the higher rated restaurants in Yuma is called "Burgers and Beer". It is one of a small chain originating out of California. This is the only restaurant outside of California. They have about 20 or so different types of hamburgers. This is not just a burger joint as they have numerous other items but tonight we were after burgers. On the way downtown we ran west on I - 8 and got a few pictures of the colorful sunset. I only posted one as they are all similar. The day had been a little overcast and it was good to see what we hoped was an end to the clouds. We arrived at B&B and were seated quickly. Service was good and the food was very good. Sue had a mushroom burger and I had a cowboy burger. A mushroom burger is self explanatory while a cowboy burger must be explained. A cowboy burger is served open face and is covered in chili. Both burgers were very good. Sue had curly fries and I had a small Caesar salad. Everything was good. We would go back again BUT...it is the most expensive burger place we have ever been. The cost was a little past pricey. Great...but no return visit is planned or budgeted. Then back to the Bus where we both went to sleep, too full to go to bed. But someone has to do it...We finally did get up and go to bed around 11:00.

Friday had a few things on the agenda. I set up the CLAM and got it all staked and tied down. I will get a picture tomorrow. I have promised other pictures to some of you so I will get busy tomorrow and get caught up. Sue also set up the Instant Pot and cooked 5+ pounds of onions to get them ready for French Onion soup. This was on the table outside since the onions have to cook eight hours and they give off a definite onion odor. It is so much better to get this smell outside. Our neighbor got a new bicycle and we spent some time looking at her purchase before we tried out the zero gravity chairs in the CLAM. Ziva had no problem staying inside with us the entire time we rested and napped. There was a quick trip to the store to get several items we needed. Then we cooked a frozen pizza we had in the freezer. That and a quickly thrown together Caesar salad and we had dinner. The pizza was OK but not one that I would like to eat again, so we will see. Then we discovered that all of our efforts over the last few days had left both of us tired and we both dozed off and stayed that way until after 11:00. So we were in bed and asleep a little after midnight.

Now today we had a few items on the agenda but not many. However, that would go by the wayside, but that is for later. After DP (Doggie Park) trip and breakfast I headed out to a local golf shop to see about a new grip on one of my wedges. I decided on the way that the other wedge probably needed a new grip also. Not a big deal but the shop only had one grip. I got one wedge re gripped and left for another shop. They had several grips and were able to put the same type grip on the other wedge. Success! ! !

Then back at the Bus and we decided to get try to replace all the filters on our water system. We have had numerous problems with our water supply system for some time now and today we were going to attempt to get this resolved. By process of elimination we determined that the issue was the water pressure regulator that we had permanently installed in the wet bay instead of using one outside that would rust in the rain. We got that out of the Bus and re-routed the water lines and it seemed to cure our issues. As I worked to get one of the cartridges opened, I managed to break one of the water lines going into the Bus. Needless to say, it was an issue I could not resolve. I had to get on the phone and find a mobile tech that worked on Saturday afternoon. Success was with the first call. They called back and were at the Bus within 30 minutes. I could not believe our luck. He was able to get the line repaired and we had running water and it had great water pressure. We just had no regulator on it so the pressure was very good...near 70 pounds of pressure. During my discussion with the mobile tech, we discovered there was some corrosion in the regulator. I paid him and he left. Great guy, I just don't want to see him again professionally. I started breaking down the regulator and discovered it was not only corroded but the hookups had been put in backwards. I traded places with the hookups and cleaned the corrosion out. My next stop was to try to run some water through the regulator and see if it would now work. And SHAZAM...it now works just like it was designed to do so. The hookup lines that were in there would not works so I need to go tomorrow and get a short hose that we can use until we get somewhere and rework the plumbing. BUT, in the meantime we have excellent water pressure. We are really negotiating who gets to take the first shower. Wow...it only took six hours and $185 to get our multi year problem resolved. We are ecstatic.

Well, now showers and an early bedtime. Tomorrow there are a couple of NFL games we might watch...but the temperature is to be 73 degrees, sunny and little wind. We might spend a lot of time outside the coach. Oh well, someone has to do it...

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