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I got a bit excited when we were told we'd be seated upstairs on the double decker plane at the exit door, so lots and lots of room for our last leg from Singapore. BUT that all went pear shaped when we went to find our seats and they were full of "stuff" with a couple kneeling in front of them?? They very quickly moved all the baby bottles and nappies etc. and put them amongst all the other "stuff" they had covering the 3 seats they had with their twins (around 10 months old) and their mother opposite us. The family consisted of mummy, daddy, twin girls and au pair. We just looked at each other and just knew this wasn't going to be a pleasant flight. AND we were correct. Mummy left the twins in the care of the other two and put on her eye mask and promptly went to sleep before take off. Daddy and nanny sorted out the babies and then they all went off to sleep. The rest of us had our meal and then we also settled down for the night and went off to sleep. NOT FOR LONG!! Actually it was probably a few hours, but one child awoke and screamed and screeched for well over an hour and woke most of the passengers up. Then whimpered on and off for the rest of the flight. And, of course, the adults made just as much noise trying to shush the children as they were making.

So there were some very disgruntled people making complaints to the hosties.(are we allowed to call them that any more?)

We arrived in London around 6am to a temp of 4 deg. only 30 deg colder than when we left Melbourne on Thursday. We picked up a car at Hertz and drove to the boat, arriving here at 10am. Traffic was light most of the way so it was a good trip. Then we unpacked and went to do some grocery shopping. We've just had soup for lunch and are trying to stay awake until after dinner.

I didn't take any photos after Singapore so here are a couple more of the WA coast.

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