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Swimming 2


Weighing stuff

Above the clouds

Our wide brown country

What a busy few last days of our holiday.

Vic swim lessons every day with the kids - so much improvement in such a short time. They are like little fish.

Filling in time between classes by filing Grandad's nails.

The kids were bored waiting to go swimming so Grandad set them a job to do, washing the car wheels and headlights.

Winta having fun with the bubble wand.

Levi spotted us weighing our baggage and had such a good time weighing all sorts of bits and pieces.

It was heart breaking having to leave them all, we've had such a great 4 weeks and it has absolutely flown by.

Our flight from Melbourne to Perth was really nice, the new dreamliner plane is lovely. However, while waiting to re board the plane the announcement came that the flight would be delayed due to an engineering problem, then about half an hour later we learned that the flight was cancelled. So we all had to collect our luggage (ours was some of the last to come off after being put on first in Melbourne) and go to the Qantas counter where they would give us a hotel room and taxi vouchers. The queue was miles long and it took around 1 and a half hours to get to the front. Whereupon they told us to run, grab a cab (which is quite a long walk) and go to the other airport (about a 10 minute ride) to catch a Qatar Airways flight. We got there just before the gates closed and they told us we would have to run to the gate (by now we've done enough running and are out of patience especially when they told us we were in economy class as they don't have premium economy on their planes) so we didn't get on that plane and had to go back to the first airport to be rescheduled!!!!!!

So we were sent to the Crown Promenade hotel for the night and are now back at the airport waiting to board a flight to London via Singapore - only problem is it's a 5 and half hour stopover in Singapore. So we've brought our bathers and will go up to the swimming pool for a few hours to while away the time.

We will now arrive in London on Saturday morning at 5am.

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