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Last view along the Mikiljak River canal

Franz Ferdinand assassination corner now Museum

Exhibit focussing on assassination

Pistol in centre used by Princip

Cable car up Mt. Trebevic




My legs, my legs........

Heading back down



Old cable car from "84 Olympics

Museum of War Childhood






Today is our last full day in Sarajevo before we head home at midday tomorrow.

We were all exhausted after two very full on days in Sarajevo and I woke around 8.30 still finding the girls snoozing away as well.

It was 10.00 am before we could haul ourselves downstairs for breakfast at a leisurely pace.

Around 11.00am we made our way to the assassination site of Franz Ferdinand thinking there was a Museum dedicated to this event. However, once we took a look inside it was really an exhibition about Sarajevo from 1878 to 1918, with only one or two exhibit windows dedicated to the young men involved in the assassination attempt and actual assassination. They did actually have the pistol that Gvrilo Princip used to murder the Archduke and his wife.

Only there for half an hour before we made our way up the hill a little from the Town Hall to take the cable car to the top of the mountain where we were day before yesterday at the bobsleigh track.

Only a 15 minute trip up the mountain this time and the view from the top of a beautiful city blanketed in snow still but sitting in the valley in bright sunshine was astounding.

Spent about 20 minutes up on the mountain before making the return trip back to Town Hall and Old Town.

Had to stop and have a burek again one last time and then a little souvenir shopping before going back to hotel for a much needed rest. We are all pooped.

Went back out after doing some packing to visit the new War Childhood Museum. It has on display articles kept by children as comfort during the war in Bosnia. Some strange articles like a collection of chocolate wrappers, a few toys, favourite volleyball sweater etc. Watched a couple of videos of former child survivors of the war describing their experiences.

They are intending to expand the museum to other conflicts and have on display a small child's coat which has been handed through family members of a girl from Syria. It was an excellently put together display.

Back to the hotel again to finish last minute packing then the girls headed out to bring back some dinner before we collapsed on our beds too tired to contemplate doing much more.

Been a slow last day in Sarajevo but enjoyable.

Goodnight All

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