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Fog in Yuma???

Links at Coyote Wash

More golf at Coyote Wash

Flood Warnings in Yuma

Standing water in the dog park

Small dog park...small pond of standing water

Well I started this morning (Wednesday) in a fog. Now it had nothing to do with the fact we were up late last evening playing cards and dominos (chickenfoot to be exact). Mark and Sue came down to play and stayed until almost 11:00. But the left-over moisture from the rains yesterday caused a pretty severe fog for this area. A dense fog warning until 10:00 a.m. I made a picture about 8:20 as I left the exercise room. So now let me go back to Monday and play catchup.

Monday morning was an exercise room day so I was off before 7:30. I was back about 8:15 and off to the dog park with Ziva before 8:30. We were back by 8:45 and I then fixed me a large breakfast...scrambled eggs, bacon, pineapple slices and English muffin. I was storing up all I could get for my golf outing. I visited with our neighbor before we left and he told me they were going to have to fly back to Regina in Canada to have his wife see a doctor about a knee issue that has just popped up. I packed up my golf gear and headed out for Wellton, a town about 25 miles away...over the pass. Out onto I - 8 and two miles out of town we have to go through a Border Patrol inspection station. We love those who serve. They are in a thankless job but I think they do a great service to this country. Then on to the Links at Coyote Wash. It started as a residential development around a golf course. However, the city of Wellton ended up buying the golf course from the developer. My new friends in this golf group said the city has really improved the condition of the course and is of course operating the course in a more professional manner. I was impressed. I included two shots from the first tee area to make sure you can see the palm trees and a lot of green grass. By and large the fairways were the best I have been on so far. The greens are slow about taking the overseeding of some sort of rye grass but the greens did putt fairly true and slow. Different sort of course in that you play 1 - 6 and then go down the road one mile to holes 7 - 15 and then back that mile to play 16 - 18. A different sort of course but I enjoyed the course and the group I played with on Monday. I will try them one more time to make sure but this could be a regular group.

Then after being spit on by rain the skies turned cloudy and it started cooling down from about 70 degrees. Back to the Bus and after a few minutes Sue and I were off to dinner and a stop and Sam's and WalMart. Dinner was at Applebee's and our favorite Bourbon Street Chicken and Shrimp. Then to Sam's to pick up a few items and then to WalMart. We bought a few food items and some needed items to run the Bus like our home. Then back to the Bus. It was getting close to bed time by the time we returned and got everything put up. Shower and bedtime by our usual time of 11:00 something. It was raining and we went to sleep hearing the pitter patter of rain on the roof.

Tuesday we woke up to the pitter patter of rain. Knowing Ziva would not go out in the rain it was after 10:00 a.m. before it let up and we went to the dog park...only to be welcomed by standing water. Well it took a while but Ziva got her business accomplished and her feet muddy and wet. Back at the Bus it was a major effort to dry and clean her feet. I have the first two pictures of the standing water in the big dog park and you can be assured that it was plenty wet. Later in the day we took her to the small dog park at the end of the street and it still had standing water. It rained off and on most of the afternoon.

I ran to the store and to WalMart then to the cleaners during the middle of the day. We left about 5:00 and went to Mi Rancho in another quest for good Mexican food. We succeeded. The food was very good but the service was friendly and slow...real slow. I ate too many chips as the salsa was too spicy for Sue so I got into the chips and salsa. Our plates arrived after about 30 minutes and were very good. We will do this place again. Then back to the Bus and got a text from Mark and Sue about playing cards. They arrived a little after 7:00 and we played "oh hell" and dominos until almost 11:00. It was a struggle to get in bed by midnight.

Wednesday - I was up and off to the exercise room by 7:45. I was back by 8:30. I have a picture of the fog from the door of the exercise room looking through the outdoor bar back toward the sun. This was just before 8:30. We had a dense fog advisory until 10:00 a.m. Then it was time for breakfast. Sue had her normal oatmeal breakfast and I did a little surfing on the iPad and maybe a little dozing. Anyway, we were both ready to go by noon. However, we did not do anything but take it easy.

We decided to go to the store around 4:00 and while we were there we had a phone call with an invitation to go to dinner with "the group" at Lin's. We hustled around and made the time line and picked up Mark and Sue at 5:00. We arrived at Lin's about 5:15 and went inside and were seated within 5 minutes. A table for 8 was not a problem. Then we ate for a while but then we sat and talked about everything until about 7:15. Then back to the Bus, a quick trip for Ziva to the dog park, in the dark. There is pretty good visibility with the lights that surround the perimeter. It was still wet and muddy but Ziva was able to get a little done and we were back in the Bus a little after 8:00. We will watch a little SEC basketball and get to bed much earlier tonight.

Tomorrow should be close to mid 70's with lot's of sunshine. We are looking forward to tomorrow. It will be a Chamber of Commerce type day. WooHoo! ! Sorry for the cool weather back home but this is the reason we are here. AMEN! !

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