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Day 3. Friday 11th Jan.

Jet lag! Only managed about three hours or so sleep during the night. Our bodies are still on UK time. Eventually gave up, got dressed & headed for the nearby McDonalds for breakfast at 6.30am. Several odd characters hanging about at that time of the morning but we kept our heads down.

After we returned to the motel we contacted the Motorhome hire company & they said we could collect our vehicle as soon as we liked, although we had been told previously that we had to wait until the afternoon. It was about fifteen miles across LA to the hire company’s depot & they offered to send a taxi to collects us. This was going to cost $60 but we paid 35cents each for the metro train to go most of the way & then got a taxi for the last couple of miles, total cost $15.70.

Once we got there we had to view their introduction video before we were taken out to our C25 Motorhome for the handover. Great big lumpy monster but basically the same as the one we have in the UK. It is 25ft long by 10ft wide by 12ft tall with a six ltr engine, automatic gearbox, a fixed bed at the back & an overhead bunk above the cab. After being given our kitchen kit,, pots & pans etc, and our sleeping kits we spent the next hour or so sorting out & stacking our stuff.

Once we installed everything we headed for the nearest Walmart store to stock up on food & whatever else we could think of that we needed. I was hoping to sort out a data SIM card to put into my phone so that we could access the internet & hopefully use Skype to allow us to phone if necessary. Unfortunately I didn’t find anything that looked reasonable so just used their Wi-fi to check email etc whilst we took the opportunity to have a burger at McDs.

By the time we had bought our supplies & had our late lunch it was getting late so I decided to stay on their car park for the night. I contacted one of their managers & they said they weren’t bothered so long as the security company who patrol the very large car park which served the whole shopping mall didn’t object. I did manage to stop one of the security patrol men as he drove by & he said it wasn’t a problem as far as he was concerned. We were parked at the back of the car park beside some storage containers & well away from al the cars so we settled in for the evening & night.

I also got the chance to go back into Walmart’s & pick up a camp fire toaster as the Motorhome only has a microwave oven & three burner grill. No TV either. I also spent some time talking to a salesman in the nearby T-Mobile phone store. He wasn’t able to come up with a decent deal on a SIM card but he did offer me a deal on a new Motorola phone with two months unlimited phone & data. This meant that for the cost of the calls & data I would get a new phone. It was a lot more than I wanted to pay & sounded too good so I said I would think about it. The phone is a Motorola E5 smart phone, about the same as the one I currently have.

Anyway the jet lag was catching up with me again so it was back to the RV(Motorhome) for our first night although we stayed up as late as possible to try & tire ourselves out so that we could sleep longer.

Speedometer starting Mileage - 26,549

Miles Today - 11

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