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Another hairy scary blind corner overtaking mission

A nerve calming beer for Eloise

Must you show my tired tired face girls

Bosnan delights all round

Up at 7 this morning to complete packing, go downstairs for breakfast and be ready for our driver to take us to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It had been raining quite heavily earlier and was still spitting a little as we left Belgrade. Our driver was a nice guy again but we never did quite find out what his name was - his surname was Markovic, that much we did find out.

His English was good but occasionally he would put in a "how I say it". Found out he had been married 30 years. They had problems having children and after 20 years and 7 attempts at IVF they now have a 9 year old daughter Eva who is the apple of his eye.

It is a relatively short distance as the crow flies to get to Bosnia but with many small cities and towns and slow traffic along the way he estimates 5-6 hours. We also have to drive through the mountains. Last week the highway was closed through the mountains because of heavy snow.

Made one stop before we hit the mountains for a leg stretch and toilet break after 2 hours then hit the road again.

I must say that it was one of the most beautiful drives I have ever experienced anywhere in the world. It was just so amazing to see the huge conifers laden so heavily with snow. I guess those of our friends in the USA and Canada will laugh a little at that, but to us it was just so beautiful.

We stopped again at 1200m at a small restaurant called Restauron Pogled where we had a break and hot tea or chocolate and our driver had a cigarette. The drive from there on was the most beautiful part.

Just on 6 hours after leaving Belgrade, all of a sudden a city popped out of the clouds of the valley - Sarajevo. It was raining and very slushy under foot as we arrived at our hotel for the next 3 nights. Fantastic new looking hotel with only 9 rooms called Hotel Story. Beautiful big rooms and amenities.

Girls researched a restaurant for dinner and settled on "The Singing Nettle" which also had vegetarian and vegan meals. Vanessa was spoiled for choice tonight. We chose a vegetable soup and bread for us to share as starters then Vanessa had cabbage, apple and barley main while Eloise chose a veal with capsicum (tasted almost like Chinese sweet and sour) and I had veal medallions in almost a stroganoff type sauce with heaps of mushrooms and plated on french toast. It was all extremely delicious and ever so filling. Could not resist a traditional desert almost like a baklava with pastry, walnut filling and in syrup.

It was quite slippery after the rain on the streets as we made our way back to the hotel via The Museum of Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide. It was about to close but they let us in and did not even charge us. Of course it dealt with the Bosnian/Serbian war back in the early 90s with quite graphic pictures of exhumation of the mass graves etc. of the 8000 Bosnian Muslim mainly men and boys at Srebrenica.

Heavy going after such a wonderful meal but it is right near our hotel and we may not get another chance to see it.

Time to relax for a while and get ready for exploring our new city and country tomorrow. Booking tours and deciding what to see.

Goodnight All.

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