The Noels in SA and Namibia 2018 travel blog

Philip and Josie have a chin wag

Wine tasting in an old church anyone?

An old church converted into a wine tasting spot along the Heaven...

Heaven and Earth vineyards

One of the beautiful adornments and statues at The Creation Winery

Chopper fighting the fire as we leave Hermanus

South African Penguins at Betty's Bay

Mystery meats on the menu

Rick tries the Crocodile curry

Warthog ribs anyone???

Our G group for Cape town

Today is our last day with Maggie, Chris and Philip. We made arrangement with Philip to try to meet him at Daphne's final resting place at Kirstenbosch Gardens tomorrow. This may seem like a sheer coincidence as the gardens were part of our tour tomorrow and Philip came to visit us. I really think it was fate that made this happen. Mom was very happy she could visit the place where Daphne's ashes were spread. In the morning, Maggie took us up into the wine country for a short visit. We stopped at a winery called the Creation. Wine tasting anyone??? The gardens were incredible! Dr Chris was working at the clinic this morning so Jim and Rick were in Maggie's Jeep and us girls were in the Audi. After our little jaunt to the wine country we picked Dr Chris up and headed to the grocers for a quick shop of bread and cold cuts. The bread was amazing, especially with that orange honey Dr Chris introduced us to. Our shuttle driver showed up on time with a trailer but asked for 200 Rand to fuel up... very strange. What ever. I gave him the 200 Rand and he returned shortly to pick us up. We headed off around 2 pm. At Betty's Bay we stopped to see the Penguins and then arrived at our Hotel - Inn on the Square around 5 pm. Our meeting with G adventures was at 6 pm where we met our guide Gavin and only 3 other travellers from Singapore - Vivian and her sons Lester and David. We had dinner at a place called Arnold's where Gavin taught us to add ice cubes to red wine to bring it to proper room temperature (otherwise the red wine is too warm). Believe it or not this makes a huge difference to the palate. Rick tried Crocodile curry and Warthog ribs. Mom was brave and sampled the crocodile. I am a big chicken when it comes to mystery meats...that is all I have to say. Mystery anything to be quite honest. I had a lovely meal of veggie spring rolls, calamari and red wine and then shared Malva pudding with Rick. This Malva pudding had Amarula drizzled on top. Yum Yum. We were off to bed since we had an early start with our group tomorrow.

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