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decollage a 3h du mat

Prse en main du tuktuk

clown team

girls teams

golfeurs team

VEG team

where next?

mustard 1st line

mayonese do laundry

time to relax

best Dosa ever

What a team!

who are the bollywood stars here?

get use to it

please let us know where to find some sweets

spice or skin :-)

1 page of the kama sutra probably

when you feel on the top of the world

best place to study


10 tuktuk with drivers


pople we met on the road







colourful bus

time to learn to do a palm tree

hum, time to sing

wake up time at 5am for a sunrise????

love garlic

so relax when Virg is diving :-)

time for a chai tea late?

yes if Gege is doing it

best dancer in the bus

time for lunch

such a nice restaurant

he, always good to meet up with the members of the organisation:...

she is a fan!

lady in the tea field


hide and seek

so famous

challenge: fishing

bollywood dance

let's play cricket




Thanks Gege for volunteer for the "chili" challenge

students on our way



waiting us


in 10days, 1st time we drink tap water

we meet the handball team

such a lovely school


fishing time

cleaning time



We did it!


What a great adventure

Plus que de longues explications sur ce voyage, ci-dessous notre témoignage que vous pouvez trouver sur le site de "Large Minority".

Geraldine, Emmanuelle et Virg sont parties au Kerala pour une aventure en tuktuk dont l'objectif était de relever des challenges chaque jour afin de mieux connaitre les gens, la culture et d'y associer un projet caritatif.

Merci encore a tous ceux qui ont contribue. Grace a vous, une communauté a maintenant de l'eau potable!

"Incredible Rickshaw India adventure!

What a trip! What a crew! What an amazing organisation! What fantastic people we met!

We all have different expectations for a trip. Here we were not so sure what to expect. Emmanuelle was the only one who had done the Lanka challenge, Geraldine was not excited about eating on the street. Virginie would have never imagined driving a rickshaw. And here we are!… and we came back in one piece.

It was so fun to do all of the challenges - we even created our own! One of our favorite moments was when we had to do a 3 teams challenge: learn a Bollywood song and sing it with at least 10 Indians. We enjoyed driving locals as if we were taxi drivers and improvising a choir with students in a school. Large Minority also asked us to taste many fruits which pushed you to discover new flavours :-)

But while the challenges are fun, it is not what it's all about. It makes you meet locals and discover beautiful sceneries. People in Kerala are so friendly and helpful, always happy to show us the way. They were amazed and amused seeing us driving a rickshaw.

For 10 days, this trip allowed us to enjoy the diversity of Kerala: cities, countryside, rice fields, spice plantations, backwaters, fishing villages…

More than anything, we were happy to be involved in a charity project, to visit the community we were helping and to see an immediate impact on people ’s life.

This is what travelling is all about, isn’t it? Have fun, meet locals, share with others, be shocked, be understood, accept and embrace the differences, be sad to leave, come back home with souvenirs, tell your friends how great your trip was and be ready for the next adventure with Large Minority!"

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