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The monument of the historic victory of Haiti's enslaved over the French...

The cathedral

Palais Sans-Soucis

Today was the day I went to see the Palais Sans-Soucis. It was still a bit of a ways, as it was 44 minutes away, so I decided to explore Cap Haïtien a bit before I left. I went to see the monument of the Héros de Vertières; a statue representing the uprise and victory of slaves against the French in the Battle of Vertières. After visiting the monument I headed for the Cathedrale Notre Dame du Cap Haitien. Even though I am not religious, it was a beautiful sight and a welcome addition to my trip. Next was the drive to the Palais Sans-Soucis. It took a while, but it was worth it. Palais Sans-Soucis was beautiful and crafted with elegant arches and a peace to it that only buildings in retirement can have. Today was eventful, and the last piece of it for me was driving all of the was to Port-au-Prince.

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