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Driving through outskirts of Nicaragua

Very poor

Amayo family home

A folkloric dance


Lunch served

Volcan (Volcanos) Concepcion left and Maderas on right

Family farm for over 350 years

The old, the new

Port San Juan Del Sur


85 sunny and partly cloudy and humid

Never in my life would I have thought I’d ever say I’ve been to Nicaragua. Today that was our port. I had higher hopes for a better Nicaragua but all we saw was a lot of poverty. From what our tour director had explained to us on our tour, it still seems that the government is corrupt and has a stronghold on its people. I see no way for the people to be advanced and the guide seems very bitter that there is little possibility in advancement in education. To own a home or car you can, but you will be paying very high interest on that loan. He said you’ll never own your car or home. It’s just a sad situation.

The tour took us to the Amayo family farm. I spoke with the wife and she said it has been in the family for over 300 years. They are the lucky ones who in the eyes of others must be rich.

They are a lovely family and took us all into their home to show us culture in food, music, and dance. We spent four hours mostly just taking in the beauty of the property. It overlooks Lake Nicaragua with the two volcano mountains of Volcan Concepcion and Volcan Maderas in the background. They also put on a horse dancing show for all as we listened to traditional music.

We appreciated what the Amayo family has and that they allowed us to see their wonderful home.

We can honestly say we have no reason to come back to Nicaragua any time soon.

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