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The Yuma Foothills light parade

The Christmas lights on 55th Drive w/ a thorny Ocotillo all dreesed...

A cute christmas snowman made of tumbleweeds

More Lights on 55 drive

A nativity scene protected by an angel

Our potluck table

Our Christmas Day dinner gathering

Too much Christmas cheer...., she just could'nt keep her eyes open any...

We hope and pray that all of you had a blessed Christmas. I am finally sitting down to fill you in on our pre Christmas week around here.

Friday the 21rst of December was the Foothills light parade. It was due to start at 6pm so all of us met early to have a cookie or two before we got our places all locked in on the corner of 54th drive and Dorothy street. It has been chilly out, so we were all wearing our coats and hats to keep warm. (I'm sure all our friends in Washington are quite amused by our need for coats and hats!) But our blood has thinned out, and anything below 70 degrees equals a coat! And it has been so much cooler this year in comparison to last year. We packed lots of shorts and t-shirts, based on last years weather, and not very many long pants or long sleeved tops. Opps!

The light parade got a bit of a late start, as they stage about a mile away at the mini mart. So it takes them a while to get here all in formation. It was totally cute as usual. Led by the county Sheriff..the ATV's came all decorated with lights, and sometimes even music. There is usually about 50 participants. They had some interesting looking Santas...(some kinda creepy looking)...and lots of happy Christmas spirit ( with maybe a little bit of help in that department). They have the parade for 3 nights in a row, each night in at a different location in the foothills. I only got a couple of decent pictures, as it is hard to stop their action in the dark. But it lasted about 30 minutes. Then we came back and had hot chocolate, hot cider, and tea to warm up. (Plus maybe a few more Christmas cookies and some fudge).

On Christmas eve, we went to our church's 6pm service, with Butch and Julie. This church is quite large with an average of 450 people per service here in the winter months. So it can accommodate a big crowd, and it was full. When we got back home we decided to walk over to view the Christmas lights on 55th Street. You can also drive through the display and there were long lines of cars waiting in every direction. Lots of people parked their cars and walked also. The people that live on this street go to a lot of preparation to set up this intricate light display each year for the community. Each family on the street is assigned a night to be the hosts. They answer questions and give out candy to all the kids..and sometimes to lucky adults too!

We had a Christmas day potluck at our house. The weather looked kind of iffy, with a storm & strong wind predicted to come through. If that happened we would put the couch out on the patio and eat inside the house. But God was good and Spike was able to bring down the blinds to keep the wind and chill at bay so we could eat on the patio. We butted the folding table up against the picnic table, so all 8 of us could sit together. Spike cooked a 10 pound ham on the Traeger and it actually got done exactly on time. Since we are all far from our families, we adopted each other as honorary family members. Besides we are all one family of believers in Jesus's eyes, Right?

Our Christmas menu was as follows: Ham, roasted baby potatoes, asparagus bundles wrapped in prosciutto, sweet potato casserole, cornbread muffins, and grilled pineapple. For dessert you had numerous choices: cream puffs iced with chocolate, date and cranberry bars, or pumpkin crunch. We were so blessed with so much delicious food that we ate leftovers the next day too!

We missed all of you at Christmas! You were in our thoughts and prayers, where ever you were that day!

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