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It was good to extend our time in bed just to cuddle a bit before starting the day. Marilyn had started the coffee by the time I showed up and we shared our morning coffee while talking about the day.

We finished our coffee and a tasty egg sandwich for breakfast, then completed our chores, and left to pick up some thread for Marilyn’s Santorini project. Once we had the needed thread we drove to Walmart to pick up my prescription which I had been assured would be ready at 1:00PM. They told me that it would be ready tomorrow. Grrr...

I planned to watch college football games tomorrow so we picked up some snacks to see me through the games.

Back at the RV, Marilyn took her book outdoors to read while I watched several games on TV. (Just to be ready for tomorrow)

Marilyn prepared a nice dinner and after cleaning the kitchen we were ready to relax. Marilyn went back to work on the Santorini project while I messed around on the computer before watching more football on TV.

Our friend Julie called to inform us that they will be here on Jan 12th, staying until the 17th. Julie plans to have some dental work done so we will make an appointment for her when we return to Mexico on Monday.

Life is Good!

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