Our family at Christmas in Kentucky...

Loved this picture of Jerry and Vickie..

Queso wearing his new scarf and hat we sent him..:-)

Ed, Vickie and Sam..

Christmas parade...

Our tiny Christmas tree..:-)

Our precious new granddaughter..Piper Jet Quincy

Kim...grandma holding Piper..:-)

Jerry...grandpa holding Piper...:-)

Jerry, Jared and Piper...

She is beautiful and precious...

Madison with Piper...

Last one, Jared, Madison and Piper..

We hope everyone had a Very Merry Christmas. We missed our family this year, Vickie and Ed had a Christmas party and invited the family and sent lots of pictures. Those pictures are precious to us this time of year. We are all so spread out in the country it would be a challenge to get all of us together.

Our RV is so small, we have a table top on top of our steering wheel where we put our tiny Christmas tree. We are missing the snow this Christmas, the snowman tree was perfect for us. He is only 1 ½ foot tall and adorable.

We also had an awesome Christmas parade of golf carts from the campground we are staying in. Sorry to say I could not get great pictures, I am terrible at taking pictures in the dark. It was cool with Mr. and Mrs. Santa passing out peppermints and lots of decorated golf carts, one even had a lighted palm tree decorated. It was fun to watch. I am adding a few of the pictures that turned out the best and hope you enjoy.

We also have a new GREAT granddaughter born in December this year. That is the best Christmas present anyone can receive. We can't wait to go to Utah and meet her. Her name is Piper Jet Quincy. She is absolutely beautiful and precious.

We wish all our readers, family and friends a very wonderful and Happy New Year.

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