The Noels in SA and Namibia 2018 travel blog

Well it is hard to believe we only have 6 sleeps left until we head back to Edmonton. I apologize immensely for not blogging until now. There has virtually been very little time to blog as you have all been accustomed to in the past. I promise to do a really thorough account with photos when we return. I will obviously be very busy since it is hard to pack in everything we have done but I have taken excellent notes every day which will help.

We managed to see the big 5, the ugly 5, the baby 5, and the mini 5. The saddest thing we saw was a baby Python completing his kill of a very small baby Impala. It was heart wrenching to hear the mommy Impala crying out as the Python engulfed the head of the Impala to ensure the Impala was dead. I understand our other group spotted the Python later resting before he returned to his kill. This was one of those unforgettable moments to remind us of the circle of life.

The rarest thing we saw was Wild Dogs in Kruger. I even have the video which I will share at a later date when Internet access is better. Wild dogs are on the Endangered animal list. There are around 180 in Kruger.

The most entertaining thing we saw was 2 male rhinos that appeared to be doing the 2 step. Yet again I have this on video to share at a later date. We initially created a song called Rhonnie the Rhino as we were desperately searching for rhinos (the last of the big 5 on our list). In Karongwe reserve we saw our rhinos and then some. 2 rhinos were jousting for territory. They honestly appeared to be two stepping. Rick embellished on our new found song and added Donnie the second rhino into the lyrics.

We have had many educational events on our trip. All of them have been fantastic. Today was the most fascinating at a Bushman camp/farm close to a town called Solitaire in Namibia. The guide was amazing! He shared information about Bushmen which were a people that lived in the desert. They were small and known to eat 10 kg of meat in 1 sitting. Their abdomens evolved to very bizarre skin pouches that could stretch beyond your imagination. I have the guides entire presentation on video and will also share that but hope it is not shared at all on YouTube etc out of respect for the guide. Please don't duplicate this when you have access. This guide was extremely informative about the desert, it's animals and how to survive in the desert. For example, sitting under a lonely bush in the desert is the worse place to go when you are lost. The reason is because everything else deadly and dangerous will be there as well.

Please know that Rick has tried several meats since he is the brave one - zebra, crocodile, wildebeast, Impala (known as McDonald's since there is Impala everywhere), Oryx, Warthog, Kudu.

Stay tuned...

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