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November 2018

The weather has been amazing – and it’s November. Lovely warm days with temperatures around 20C – its such a shame to be in the marina. Although there have been the odd severe thunderstorms whipping up the wind. Luckily we don’t have boats on one side of us so have commandeered a second lazy line (which helps reduce the amount of leaning we do onto our neighbour Neil).

The liveaboard community here is quite active – Knit and Natter on Tuesdays, Wacky Walkers on Sundays, there’s line dancing classes as well as Latin dancing classes, guitar lessons, singing groups, exercise classes nearly everyday, quiz nights, happy hours – it’s great (although we only tend to go to happy hour). Earlier in the month they held a welcome party for the newcomers and it was great – everyone was asked to bring a sharing plate and the wine was donated by the marina and a couple of other businesses. It looks like there are around 40 boats with liveaboards in the marina.

The town is lively and very interesting to wander around. Although it suffered considerable destruction due to the 1953 earthquake, some churches were left undamaged, and the housing / buildings are unique and built to withstand major tremors.

There’s everything you would want in town – supermarkets, grocers, butchers, fishmongers, craft shops, loads of shoe shops, hairdressers, hardware stores, chandlers etc.

Trying hard to get into this liveaboard lifestyle, but it’s challenging, especially with the great weather. Slowly but surely we’ll get there. Procrastinating a bit getting chores, projects and winterisation / maintenance started.

As we don’t have a boat on our port side we have managed to have a couple of BBQ’s, which has been great.

Towards the end of the season things started to go wrong (as usual) – a lot the welding on our arch started to crack so we needed to get someone in repair the welds and to reinforce the arch. Getting the job completed without using the marina / boat yard contractors is proving very difficult. We got in contact with one chap, Stainless Phil who is in Nidri and arrangements with him – we would take our boat to Nidri, weather and his work schedule permitting. This would keep everyone happy.

December 2018

Well the best of the weather has left us – it’s now a bit cooler – sometimes temperatures hover around 15C on sunny days. There’s been a bit more rain and strongish winds at times. We can even see snow on the mountains on the mainland which is a lovely sight especially when the sun shines on to them. Nights are colder, so now it’s time to deal with condensation. Dehumidifier working overtime.

Arranged with Stainless Phil to get the arch fixed week before Christmas as the weather looks reasonable. Took the boat to Nidri and anchored off in Tranquil Bay. Looks very different to season. Three boats and anchor and a number of others on bouys or with lines to shore. Quite a few have liveaboards. Most of the pontoons are empty.

Tied up onto the pontoon, with the assistance of Phil to take lines. Took off the arch and then waited for him to complete the repairs and fabrication. Stayed on the pontoon for a couple of days and then moved to Vlikho with the arch – his work wasn’t cheap but he did a great professional job.

Enjoying our time on the water we decided to spend Christmas away from the marina – so spent a few days at anchor in Meganisi and then back to Nidri for Christmas and then headed back to the marina, as the weather was changing.

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