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One of many decorated trees on the ship

Balcony view


Evening at the Piazza

Our retirement gift from Princess- great treat

Princess show Encore

Another excellent dinner


End of a beautiful day before dinner

Sea Day

78 degrees and sunny

We had another time change of moving clocks ahead an hour as we headed toward Puerto Vallarta. That makes two one hour changes ahead two days in a row. It sorta messed with us a little as I woke at 9:30am new time. I had a great sleep again while Ann not so much due to others banging and slamming cabin doors to the wee hours.

Today was a Sanctuary day for us on the ship. For an extra charge, The Sanctuary is a very quiet area of the ship where there is no music playing, the lounge chairs are padded and there is a “Serenity Staff” that will take care of your needs. On the Coral Princess, The Sanctuary is located at the stern of the ship. At around 3:00 they begin tea time. Ann had tea and I coffee. They also bring around small sandwiches, scones with cream and jam, and other tiny desserts. The timing was perfect as Ann only had a yogurt and I had an Apple turnover today.

Tonight is formal night which we do look forward to. We like seeing all the other passengers in their fine attire and the Captains welcome aboard party. Our dinner reservations were for 7:30. I had delicious tenderloin and Ann had red snapper.

We had a little time before the 9:30 show , Encore, so we stopped and had a cocktail at Wheelhouse Bar. The show Encore was just fabulous. The talent that Princess Cruises brings into their show is unreal and we applaud them for doing so. The thing that also impresses is it that Princess brings along a live band/orchestra. Something not seen much anymore.

Bed time around 11:00

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