Our 5 week adventure travel blog

(12/23...we’ve been out of touch due to lack of WiFi while at sea. We are now home and I will catch up on the journal as time allows)


These past two days in San Diego have brought rains. We’re talking flood warning rains with lightening and thunder. Lisa mentioned this is something they see very seldom. We asked her when it rained last and they said perhaps March. Bob said it is something that is most welcomed and marks the end of the fire season for the Forest Service.

Mostly Ann and I cleaned, caught up on our wash, and made supper for the kids for when they got home. Bob did have off for a day of mourning for the passing of President Bush and we spent time watching the service events of the day.

On Thursday Ann and I packed our bags and prepared for our cruise. As much as we hate to leave Lisa and Bob, we look forward to the last leg of our journey...15 days of cruising through Panama Canal to Ft Lauderdale.

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