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We have begun sleeping later than usual and today was no exception as it was nearly 8:00 when we made it to the living room. We turned the fireplace on and shared a pot of freshly brewed coffee.

By the time the coffee was finished off, we had turned the fireplace off and opened the windows and the door, had made the bed, cleaned the kitchen, and was ready to take a shower.

Once we completed all of our chores we sat together on the patio with our books. It was another awesome day with temperatures in the low 80’s.

Marilyn had marinated some meat for steak teriyaki and I cooked it on the grill. We used a skirt steak and it wasn’t as tender as we would have liked but the flavor was outstanding. Yummy!

Marilyn did get out for a walk and I enjoyed visiting with some of the guys, talking about guns and ammo. LOL

I probably should have spent some time working on my book project but put that off because of the wonderful weather and a desire to be outdoors.

That is the way our day went today and now it drifts slowly to a close. However we are left with a feeling of contentment, knowing that Life is Good!

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