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Yesterday morning we were all feeling a little sad. It was a beautiful morning and sunrise over the river heading to the train station. Myunhong Lee and Netnapas took us. We were a little relieved it was only them, because Lee posted our leave times on the Congregation Line. But like Ma'am said it's too early I not get up. If we would have gotten more we would have probably cried. These friends have truly taken our hearts and we have such close friends here. Even though we barely can communicate because we are still toddlers in the language. Yet we are united in the truth. We wonder what kind of witness the people at the apartment got. As each time we came and went someone different dropped us off. Often Thai, or Korean or Japanese. Or they would come and visit. Who are these Farang to have all these local visitors and rides everywhere.

We got to the train station. Nong took our tickets and spoke to a lady. Then we follewed her to the tracks. We hoistedbour lugage up and over and through another train to get to ours on the other side. Then they came in and all sat for a few minutes and got their last selfies with us on the train. We took 3rd class this time. Which is a little rough on anlong 12 hr ride. But it was OK. But for $22 for all 4 of us were not complaining. Hard bench seat with a cushion and fans instead of AC. And you get food from the random vendors that get on andn off the trains.

They charge a little more than normal street prices, but not much. Sonwe had Chicken on a stick for breakfast. Though to start off it was only in the 60's this morning so it was cold for a while. With the windows open. But you could definately feel the difference of the arid and cool plateau and rice fields of Issan to the warm subtropic region around Bangkok. It turned from cold to hit and humid quite quickly. Some time went by and a vendor walked by and Jenny said oh that smells good. And we looked and she had grubs. We laughed but the girls were like let's try grubs. We didn't at that time. But later on I just had to ask how much for grubs. 20 baht OK, so we got a small bag of silkworms. They were cooked with a little seasoning. Tasted like earthy beans. We use black beans in our taco salad at home. And we were like these would go great on our tacos. Anyone want to come over for tacos next week?

Passing Ayutthaya station. All of a sudden a ton of foreigners got on the train. This is where the ancient capitol and old ruins and the famous budda head in the tree are found. It was cool to see some of the ruins from the train. But I have to say. Being in Ubon and even Phrae I feel like we have our own little places that no one else knows about in Thailand. I love Thailand, and Thai people I feel like the Farang kind of ruin some of it.

Their grumpy and only there for a party or just wierd people often. Maybe that's why so many Thai people take to us. We aren't like the others. We are a family and we show respect. And we are learning their language and how to greet them with respect. We also realize just how big Bangkok is from the train. It took forever to get from the outkirts to the main train station. It was a long but OK journeybon a train. Then we had a reandom guy offer us a ride to our hotel for 1000 baht. I'm like no, we will take a meter taxi for 300.,I already knew about what it would cost. Which was true. Only my phone died and it had our hotel info on it as we had just booked it a few days ago. I was able to show him the address. But it died so we couldn't follow it all the way. It would have cost only 300 baht. But we spent nother hour trying to find the hotel. We finally went to another hotel by the airport and asked someone and later again another taxi to ask directions. We were right about where we were supposed to be but it was down an Alley and over the canal and on the other side of a Wat. Then we found it but it cost another 300 baht for the hour. At this point it was now late. So we settled for dinner from the hotel restaurant and shared a club sandwich and fries and we passed out frustrated. It was a tough end but if this was the worst moment in Bangkok we are OK.

Then Jenny and girls were getting showered while I got the food. And these places in Thailand have a thing on the wall where you put the key to turn on Electricity. It's always off if no one is in the room. And it went out on them in the shower. So we had to Change rooms and get our stuff up 4 flights to a new room. Other than that it was OK. This morning Emily and I went for a walk to find breakfast. We found an area along the canal with walkways on stilts through a neighborhood over the canal. Then accross the street to a small market. We found some Tom yum over rice, some fried bananas and then some little doughnuts on the way back. The rest of the morning was spent by the pool roasting. Not doing much in Bangkok just chilling before the long trip back to NY on Saturday.

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