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I rolled out of bed at 6:30 this morning and was feeling great. I noticed that the furnace fan was running. A quick check showed that the inside temperature was 64 degrees with the furnace set for 68 degrees.

I turned the furnace off, suspecting that we had run out of propane. That proved to be correct but turning the fireplace on kept us comfortable as we shared our morning coffee.

Our friend Jim walked down to join me for a trip to the Propane Farm to fill the empty bottle. I had removed the empty bottle and had it loaded in the truck so it didn’t take long to have the tank filled and stored back in the sliding tray. Now, before you ask why I didn’t just use the spare tank, let me explain that it wasn’t really cold outdoors (50 degrees) and I usually keep the valve to the spare tank in the OFF position so that I will know when we have an empty tank.

Jim and I walked across the street to chat with Richard for a while before Jim turned down my offer of a ride home, “needing to walk” he explained.

I then turned my attention to picking up cactus petals which I had broken off by backing the truck into the large plant growing beside the drive.

At 3:00 in the afternoon we joined the neighbors for a Taco Tuesday on their patio. Mike & Dale, and their company Harlan & Janet are all nice folks and we knew a good time would result. Harlan did a great job with the tacos and the ladies mixed a fine margarita. We stuffed ourselves and I felt ready for a nap. It was another fine day here in the Rio Grande Valley and assures us that Life is Good!

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