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Well it's finally go time. Christian took us to Sacramento Airport. Our flight was at 4:05pm but we had to be there 2 hours early for boarding, luggage, accommodations and security. We got him a special pass to help with the luggage, pushing my mom and helping with Sarina. He went all the way with us till we boarded the plane. Mom had a hard time not being able to have her diet soda with her till after we past security. My mom was amazed how much the airport changed. She hasn't flown since the 90's. I signed up for special accommodations for mom so people would help me with my mom so I can focus on Sarina. We got to the airport, checked in, dropped our luggage off, picked up our disabled boarding pass and then had lunch and waited till it was time to board. Sarina was 10 acting like 16. She was in heaven being somewhere new and wanting to help grandma with everything. Finally it was time to board, gave Christian our love, said our good byes and left him home. We loaded on 1st because of the disabled pass. We took off on the plane and did a transfer in Las Vegas Nevada. In Vegas I had help pushing my mom by southwest to our boarding area and that gave me time to focus on Sarina and get anything we need. I came back from airport shopping and my mom was at the slots lol. We had an hour and 20 min lay over. Finally we were on our way at 6:50pm and arrived at 1:55am on July 17th at Buffalo New York/Niagara Falls. "I thought to myself that I could be a world traveler. Everything went smoothly and worked out just like i planned" (Pay attention to what I just said) There we got help with my mom, our luggage and took an airport shuttle to the airport best western hotel. When we got the keys at 2:30 am I put the keys down inside the room and went to push my mom in the room and then the door shut with the keys on the counter. Mom and Sarina laughed and I had to tell them to shut up cause its 2:30 in am. I went to the front desk and they opened the door for us. Got all of us in and mom wanted food at dennys. Went across the parking lot and had breakfast at 3am. We saw a deer in the parking lot and it began to rain on us. It was also really humid. Made it back to the hotel room, took showers, set clothes out for tomorrow and went to bed. We had an extended check out time so we slept till it was time to get up. We also had free continental breakfast and I woke up loaded the plates and went back to bed till check out time.

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