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Saturday would be our last day in the ministry. We worked a business section of the city. I placed several tracts. One place was obviously an old restraunt. If you walk in the door it was dark but the doors and windows were open for light. They had traditional thai style charcoal grills going outside in the back. But much of the smoke was coming into the restraunt. It smelled delicious but probably not good for the lungs. But the lady accepted a tract and meeting invitation. Also the brother with me was able to continue a nice conversation with her. You never know where the seeds will begin. Then we past by a Sik temple with an Indian man standing outside. He was pleasant as well. Then we all ended up at a coffee shop. One nice thing at the cafe is a bookshelf with magazines. Also had a display that the friends leave Awakes. They are kept in protective covers. Abd visable for anyone to pick up and read and return much like a library would have for their magazines. Sunday we were teary eyed at our last meeting. Then Sunday night was another orientation night for the visitors from the campaign. This time Emily got to participate. They had several kids read a creating in the language of the different visitors. One read Korean, Japanese, Thai, Emily read in English. Followed by singing. And the same little play. Which still is funny. Monday night Matt and Alison and Ma'am took us out to a Chinese restaurant. It was different thana US Chinese. But still quite good. It's actually so popular they now have 2 restaurants next door to each other to accommodate all the people. They ordered several dishes and we all got to sample each one. Thai style dining at it's finest. Today I got up early and went accross the street for some Kai ga ta or Pan eggs with bits and Chinese sausage crumbles. I had found one day some banana muffins at a nearby market with some kind of seeds on top that Jenny and girls liked. So I went to see if I could find them again. On the way was a man making fresh Thai doughnuts. Not real sweet but yummy. And they were only 10 baht for a bag full. And I can take them back for the family too. Went to the market but couldn't find the lady with the muffins. Oh well I have the doughnuts... Oh wait there's only one left. So I walked by the same guy and bought some more. And he laughed as I tried to tell him they were for the kids. Today is our last day in Ubon so we splurged a little. But cheaply. Jenny and I both got a massage. And we picked up some oranges for the train ride tomorrow. We hit the noodle soup andbpork guy for dinner. Then Ma'am came over to say goodbye and help us settle for the room. Then we finished our evening with a little Roti from the street. It's hard to believe we have been living in this city for 10 weeks. But in that time in many ways especially the congregation we feel like we are leaving home tomorrow. For we found a home here. Despite things not being always perfect, we absolutely love this place, especially our real friends, no more like family that we have come to love. Tomorrow we get up early for a train to Bangkok before flying Saturday.

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