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green as far as the eyes could see

another protest rally.....this time in Sri Lanka

Galle Fort had some interesting fortifications ......

..... and great views

the Indian Ocean had many pretty beaches

table art was clever

many Portuguese buildings have been renovated in Galle

Sri Lanka's old port city of Galle has had a number of colonial rulers during its turbulent history including the Portuguese, Dutch and British. Much of its architecture reflects those periods and all were very interesting.

A walk around the city Fort provided many great views over the old harbour and nearby neighbourhoods.

A visit to the Maritime Archaeological Museum was enlightening with its large collection of artifacts and old maps connecting Sri Lanka with Middle Eastern and Asian trade routes.

If our hotel was any closer to the beach we would have been paddling at high tide. It was very well located and provided a great atmosphere for 'starlight' drinks.

It was soon time to make our way to Colombo and prepare for our flight home via Singapore.

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