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On Friday, we got up at 3:30 am (2:30 am London time) and got an Uber to the airport. It’s about a 50 minute drive and our driver kept falling asleep. David kept yelling at him to keep him away and he drifted across the lanes. Good times.

We got there alive and went through all kinds of contortions to get through passport control and security. German airports are not fun, folks. Avoid if possible. Got to London, the bag David borrowed from me was smashed on the corner, so we spent some time getting a new bag and then Paddington Expressed to Paddington. Staying at the Hotel Indigo Paddington, so about a five minute walk from train. Got checked into the smallest room I’ve ever been in - you have to turn sideways to get to the bed. But nice room, very comfortable beds and in London, which is important.

Went to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, which is a Christmas themed amusement park. Had a drink in the ice bar - Building made entirely of ice, with ice benches, an ice bar and drinks served in an ice glass. They give you a big parka to wear while in there and gloves. Did some wandering and shopping and then headed back to the hotel. There is an Indian restaurant two doors down from the hotel and we had some wonderful food. Chicken tikkka masala, chicken korma, garlic naan and saag aloo (creamed spinach with boiled potatoes). Lots of spice and ginger and it was delicious. Then to the room to pass out.

Saturday, pouring rain all day. Went to Harrod’s food hall to just look around, but a rainy Saturday afternoon close to Christmas is not the time to go to Harrod’s. Then went to the London Eye. They have a new thing called Champagne tasting, which we did instead of the Champagne Experience which is what we’ve always done before. Went into the Eye Lounge for a glass of champagne, then they gathered us up and we went to our capsule. There were six of us and we tasted five different champagnes. We went two rotations instead of one as scheduled, but we also stopped several times. I don’t know if it was weather related, mechanical or something else, since we’ve never stopped on the eye before. Instead of taking one hour to make two rotations, it took an hour and a half. We finished off all five bottles of champagne. It was quite good, and the guide gave us a lot of information about the history of champagne in general and Pommery specifically. Once we finally got off, we found a taxi and headed to the theatre. Found a tapas restaurant (desperately needed food after all that champagne) and had a scotch egg, ham and cheese croquettes, a cheese plate and focaccia. Then to the theatre for Tina, the Musical. About the life of Tina Turner, complete with music. It was quite good, but by the time we found a cab in the rain afterwards and got back to the room, it was midnight.

Today is beautiful and we’re going to go do some more shopping and then go have more Indian food and then do our best to pack. We leave early tomorrow to fly to Zurich and then transfer to San Francisco. Weird routing, but again, miles. We should be in San Francisco tomorrow night and then I’ll fly home on Tuesday. I’m ready for it. I’ll add any cool pictures we get today, but this is the last time I’ll post. It’s been a great trip, Croatia is breathtaking, Munich is wonderful and London is always a happy place to be. But I miss my puppies and will be glad to be home. Ciao

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