The Noels in SA and Namibia 2018 travel blog

Well we are finally at our hotel in Cape Town having breakfast and drinking lattes. We have just chatted with Maggie, mom's friend from way back who lives 90 minutes away in Hermanus (Vermont). We will be traveling tomorrow by shuttle to visit her and Chris (her hubby) for 2 days. There will be 2 Chris' then,,, we will have to call one Christine or Christopher maybe??? At 6:30 am our little Josie was up rooting around in her luggage a lot. She was looking for her hairspray which I found in the bathroom. Haha! Any of you that have moms in their 80's might be able to identify with the hairspray. Travelling makes us zombies. We are currently enjoying coffee and breakfast while waiting for Chris and Jim. They will be tired since they left LAX at 5:30 pm on Dec 10 and went through Munich. They had 2 very long flights only and Chris messaged that our stop over in Minneapolis was very smart! We are planning on getting some fresh air today, maybe walking around a bit. Stay tuned!

Once Chris and Jim checked in and moved their room close to us they joined us for breakfast. The day was relaxing as we acclimated, walked around the Market on the Square, had a fantastic lemonade with lemon zest in it (mental note for making lemonade), bought some water and bought our Woolies gift card for our host and hostess in Hermanus. We had dinner at a pub type of venue close by and headed for bed shortly afterwards.

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