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Our site, #25

From across the lake

From across the lake

Tim and Joanne enjoying the fire

Interesting bridge by our site



Across the park


Barge exiting lock



Turtle on a gator carving

Turtle on a gator carving

We arrived at Foscue Creek Park to stay one night. This is a beautiful Corps of Engineers (COE) park. We are very fond of COE parks because they are all located on water and are always nice. We stayed in site #25 right next to the lake. This park also had a couple of extra amenities. The sites had sewer hookups which they usually don't. They also had a washer and dryer in the bathhouse. I even used the laundry before we left. Each site was a concrete pad with a large pea gravel area. That was great because Joanne prefers to sleep outside in her tent. She is an avid hiker and this is the tent that she carries with her hiking. She had a nice spot and enjoyed it. We also had a nice fire pit and had a fire most of the time. The weather was a bit cool, but it felt good to sit out by the fire. Tim and Joanne toured the rest of the park and found a substantial stash of firewood that someone had left at another site. Good for us!! We liked this place so much that we decided to stay an extra day.

On Tuesday we went geocaching. We found several on the hiking trails through the park. It was a very nice walk through the woods. The trails are well marked and easy to walk. Joanne and I came across a green meadow (where the grass had been burned off). In the woods at the edge of the meadow, Joanne told me that she had seen a large animal, maybe a dog. I looked up and saw a deer take off. Then there was another and another and another and another!! That was so cool!! What a nice walk through the woods!

When we came out of the woods, we drove over to the lock and dam to capture another geocache. As it happened we got there just is time to watch a huge barge locking through. We watched it all the way through the process. That was such perfect timing! And we got the geocache! We found 6 caches.

Another thing that is interesting in this park: there are a number of carvings around the park. Most have been carved from tree trunks. They are very nice.

So glad we decided to stay another day. This place is beautiful and we would come back. This is in the top 10 parks.

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