Sue and Ed 2018-2019 Trip travel blog

Stunning sunset in Desert Hot Springs, CA

So many wind machines near Palm Springs.

Our site at Sweetwater County Park near San Diego.

We were impressed by the number of scooters that were everywhere around...

First time at Del Mar Racetrack

Getting ready to lose some money.

Beautiful track in a beautiful area of California

Playing the familiar bugle-start of the race.

I bet on this guy........and he came in last!

They're just about ready to go.

At Imperial Beach with San Diego skyline in the background.

Relaxing on the beach.

Do you recognize us in our hats?

Cabots castle is now a museum about the history of the area.

This was Cabot Yerxa's desert castle, now a museum.

This huge wooden carved Indian statue was on Cabot's property.

Had a great time at this family spa. Beautiful grounds.

Can you believe California requires this sign to be posted at every...

At the top of the Palm Springs Tram

We're going to get on that!!!

The Tram could hold about 80 people

Checking out the scenery on the steep climb.

Wonderful views from the Tram

We are wayyyy up there.

View from the top.

View from the top

This is Corinne and Ed heading down one of the trails.

Corinne on the trail looking for a Geocache

A night time visit to Balboa Park

Everything is beautiful in Balboa Park and especially at night.

Thanksgiving dinner at Corinne's.

Little Italy is so fun to stroll around.

Leaving San Diego.

This is on I-8 heading east. Lots of ups and downs and...

Not fond of highways that have "Runaway Truck ramp" signs!

Sunset from our site in San Diego.

That had to be the fastest month yet! I hope the rest of the months don’t whiz by as fast. I’ve put myself on cruise control but it doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve been pumping the brakes, but that doesn’t seem to be working either. I guess I should just be thankful that my engine hasn’t died yet.

We left Quartzsite, AZ headed to Desert Hot Springs, CA. It was still HOT but everything seemed to be going well until we reached our exit and then suddenly the RV started losing power and we limped off the freeway. Oh boy, here we go again. We were about 5 miles from our destination so we proceeded slowly to try and make it. We could only go about 25 mph and when we hit any kind of hill, it was even slower. We made it but our blood pressure and stress level were high. We checked into our RV park and spoke to the guy who was guiding us into our site telling him what our problem was. Turns out he was a former truck driver and said it sounded like a fuel pump filter issue and that sometimes after sitting a while it would resolve itself. We were going to be there for several days so we decided to take his advice and not worry about it until it was time to leave. This park had an on-site hot springs mineral pool. Two in fact. So, we soaked every night and tried to soak our issues away. There were some prayers said too. We decided to buy a fuel filter (cha Ching) and made arrangements to have the fuel filter replaced at a diesel repair facility in Banning, 25 miles away. The RV started up and we made it to Banning, got the fuel filter changed and no problems since then. Whew!

We arrived in the San Diego area and checked into one of our favorite parks. It is a county park and very nice. All the sites are large, paved, and have full hookups. It’s expensive but then everything in California is expensive! Don’t know how anyone can afford living here. We spent quite a bit of time with Corinne as she was able to take off work and we enjoyed every minute of it. We spent one weekend with her in Palm Springs and did touristy things as well as visited with her friend Jodi and her husband Landy, who live in the Palm Springs area. We took the famous Palm Springs Tram which goes from 2,000 feet to 8,500 feet in 10 minutes. It’s a steep, fast climb and not for the faint of heart. Ed and I are both afraid of heights but we stepped up our courage and it wasn’t as bad as we anticipated. In fact, we loved it. Beautiful views and hiking trails once we got up there. Ed and Corinne hiked and I sat in the lodge and people watched. We all had a fun day. We also went one night to a beautiful hot springs facility and enjoyed another relaxing soak. One afternoon we toured a “desert castle” built by Cabot Yerxa, one of the very early homesteaders of the area. A lot of history about this remarkable man. Google him if you are interested in learning more.

We did a lot while in California including a day at the beach in Imperial Beach, trip to Balboa Park and a psychedelic music/art experience at the planetarium, a meet and greet party with Corinne’s friends whom we have met over the years, a stroll and dinner at Little Italy,a visit to the Del Mar racetrack, and a delicious Thanksgiving dinner that Corinne prepared. We had beautiful weather but noticed everything looked dry and a little duller than when we were here previously. Even in usually lush San Diego, you can see the effects of the drought. The big fires were several hundred miles north of us and although a couple of times we thought we could see the smoke in the clouds, we never smelled it.

It was hard to say Goodbye to Corinne when we were ready to leave. We will miss her greatly. And guess what???? When we got ready to go, the RV wouldn’t start!!!!! Guess it didn’t want to leave either. We were thinking, oh boy, here we go again. We think something got left on and and drained the battery. We were able to start the motorhome by jumping it with the car and so far so good. It has started up every time since, but it sure makes us edgy every time we do.

Ed has been doing pretty good now that he is on the medication. Obviously, we don’t know what’s ahead of us, but we sure appreciate each day now.

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