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Day spent in Coronado


Tree in hotel lobby

Who’d a thunk it...ice skating at the beach



Lisa, Bob, & Ann decorated their condo



I’ll admit it...it’s different and hard to wrap my head around it being Dec 2nd and that Christmas is on the way being in California. I’ll also admit I do not miss the weather they are having back home. Don’t miss that a bit and neither does Ann.

Today we spent the morning and part of the afternoon at Coronado Island. The Del Coronado Hotel is beautiful and it was nice to see all the decorating for Christmas. Then we saw an outdoor ice skating rink near the beach. (Joe just shakes his head). THAT was something I couldn’t wrap my head around either. Cool and weird at the same time. But it sure was nice walking around the beach in a golf shirt and taking in the warmth of the sun. Biggest laugh we got... the folks walking around with light down jackets on and it’s 65 out (Joe just shakes his head). And then there’s the dogs. Small, big, ugly, and uglier. Some on leash , some in arms, and some in baby buggies (Joe and Ann just shake there heads). Oh, and not to forget those dogs in Christmas sweaters (Joe, Ann, Lisa, and Bob ALL just shake there heads). Ya, kinda weird.

We stopped for some really good Japanese food for lunch and then made our way back to the condo.

We got into the Holiday spirit when the Christmas music came on, Lisa and Bob pulled out their Christmas things and Ann helped them decorate the condo. I sorta did...anything they couldn’t reach I helped with. Everything helped us get in the spirit and finally feel a bit of Christmas cheer. Last night Ann and I had a lot of spirits, as in Baileys Irish Cream. Yes, it was good.

Relaxing tonight with a little football and some leftovers.

Great day. Life’s good.

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